Triangular windows

Triangular windows

Triangular windows, also known as gable windows, are a great way to add visual interest to your home.

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When imagining a window, most people immediately see a rectangle or square. However, an increasing focus on sunlight and quality of life are leading people to choose non-rectangular window shapes.  Increasingly used in modern home design, a large triangular window can help to create a massive wall of light. They are commonly used in bedrooms combined with square or rectangle windows, in living rooms or at the entrance of the house to mimic your home's roofline and make a grand design statement.


Triangular windows are becoming more and more desirable in private houses, because they not only add great features and style to your home, but also ensure you can make the most use of all the space. Pitched roofs, attics and gables often become "lost" space which can be “reclaimed” by installing made to measure triangular windows. An irregularly shaped wall can suddenly be transformed into a great place to sit and read , or simply enjoy your new view, also increasing the indoor climate of your home. The unique shape of these windows also allows for interesting light patterns to be created within a space, adding to their aesthetic appeal.


Frequently asked questions

What are triangular windows called?

Many names can be used to identify windows with odd angles - triangle windows, slating windows, angled windows, gable windows or raked windows.

Can triangular windows open?

Yes, triangular windows can be manufactured as both fixed and opening windows. However, depending on the size, angle and position of the window there may be some limitations. If you are considering to install triangular windows, it is always a good idea to talk to a your local distributor first

Why choose a triangular window?

There are many reasons for considering the installation of triangular windows for your projects:


  • Adding a unique look to your home
  • Creating more usable space
  • Letting more natural light inside
  • Maximising your outside view
  • Complementing modern architecture

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Recommended products

Fixed window - unobstructed views and natural daylight

Fixed windows, also known as picture windows, are windows that cannot be opened or closed. They are designed to provide unobstructed views and allow natural light to enter a room.



Sidehung window - outward opening and perfect for fire egress routes

Sidehung windows, also called casement windows, are a type of window that opens outwards on hinges attached to the side of the window frame. They are a popular choice for houses as they provide good ventilation and the best “clear opening” area for the size of the frame.



What sizes are available?

VELFAC windows and doors are manufactured to your exact specifications.


We do not work with standard sizes and do not have units in stock. This means you will get doors and windows that are manufactured exactly to your specification and needs, including sizes, accessories, colours and opening functions.

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