Benefits of VELFAC windows and doors

Find out all the benefits of our composite windows and doors

VELFAC manufactures bespoke windows and doors which bring daylight and fresh air into people’s everyday life. Discover all the benefits of VELFAC windows and doors.

Unique design
Composite slim frame construction

VELFAC window series is characterised by a minimalist look, with narrow profiles and a unique “floating” frame effect. But there is so much more other than aesthetics to benefit from: excellent insulation, durable frames and uniform sightlines make our windows and doors the ideal choice for any project.

Key features
Contemporary design with many great features

Not all windows are the same. Depending on the materials they are made of, the design they feature and the specific type of glass and hardware installed, they provide different level of thermal, acoustic and durability performance. Find out more about VELFAC windows and doors, and discover the reasons why our windows system is loved by both architects and homeowners.

"The VELFAC system is exactly my style. Contemporary, refined and elegant"

- Sarah Farrington, owner of Game’s keepers Lodge in Warwickshire

Windows and doors made to last
Certified quality

VELFAC windows have been tested by Europe's and UK most rigorous standards agencies, which have analysed all aspects of window design and construction, to prove their effectiveness and performance.


Get professional advice

Discuss your project with a VELFAC distributor

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Visit a local showroom

Many of our distributors have local showrooms where you can see our range of windows & doors and discover the options available to you. Fill our form adding details about your project, and we will get you in touch with one of the distributors in your area.


Certified & quality tested

All VELFAC products are thoroughly tested and quality assured. VELFAC meet - and exceed - all necessary standards.