Rectangular windows

Rectangular windows

Rectangular windows are a popular choice for many homeowners and builders due to their elegant design and versatility. Thanks to their timeless appearance, they fit beautifully into a variety of architectural style homes, from modern to traditional.

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One of the key benefits of rectangular shaped windows is their simplicity and versatility. They have a clean uncluttered appearance that can enhance the aesthetics of any home. They are also easier to install, which can help to reduce construction costs and time.


Rectangular shaped windows come in a wide range of sizes, from small accent windows to large picture windows which makes them suitable for various applications, from providing natural light and ventilation to creating a focal point in a room.


Another benefit of rectangular shaped windows is the variety of opening functions in which they are available. Rectangular windows can easily be installed in any room of the house, including kitchen, living room, studies, bedrooms  and insure smooth operation and aesthetic appeal.


Frequently asked questions

Why are rectangular windows so common?

There are a few reasons why rectangular windows are so popular; these include:


  • Ease of construction and operation
  • Easy to fit
  • Structural strength
  • They can catch more daylight compared to a square window of the same area.
  • Due to their regular shape, it is easier to combine more rectangular shaped windows together to create a window wall or large section of glass

What are the different types of rectangle windows?

Some popular types of rectangle windows include fixed, sidehung and top-guided.


See all opening functions.

What sizes are available for rectangular windows?

VELFAC windows are made to measure to ensure they fit perfectly your taste and needs, so they can be virtually manufactured in any size. Wheatear your are considering a small horizontal window or a large glass wall, please get in touch by filling the form available here, and we will get you in touch with a distributor local to you.

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Recommended products

Sidehung window - outward opening and perfect for fire egress routes

Sidehung windows, also called casement windows, are a type of window that opens outwards on hinges attached to the side of the window frame. They are a popular choice for houses as they provide good ventilation and the best “clear opening” area for the size of the frame.



Top-guided window - for excellent ventilation

Top guided windows provide particularly good ventilation, as fresh air is able to enter from both above and below. Also they are very easy to operate.



Fixed window - unobstructed views and natural daylight

Fixed windows, also known as picture windows, are windows that cannot be opened or closed. They are designed to provide unobstructed views and allow natural light to enter a room.



What sizes are available?

VELFAC windows and doors are manufactured to your exact specifications.


We do not work with standard sizes and do not have units in stock. This means you will get doors and windows that are manufactured exactly to your specification and needs, including sizes, accessories, colours and opening functions.

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