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Beautiful design, impressive performance



Slim frame design

Daylight optimization


Our 54mm frame increases the ratio of glass in a window, letting 25% more light in your house compared to standard alternatives, reducing the need of artificial lightining.

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Save on your heating bill

Energy efficient


Energy efficient doors and windows can significantly reduce your energy bills, and VELFAC windows have established an unrivalled reputation for low energy performance.

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Responsibly sourced materials

Low environmental impact

VELFAC windows and doors are not only built with outstanding quality, but they are also made with sustainable materials to help lower energy usage and costs.

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Reduce unwanted noise

Noise reduction


VELFAC glazing is designed to reduce the level of unwanted noise including heavy traffic and other external noise.

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Throw the brush away

Low maintenance


Our composite alu / wood windows and doors are built with the highest quality materials and are designed to be low maintenance without compromising on energy efficiency.

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Invest in your family security

Burglar protection

VELFAC windows and doors can resist damage inflicted by burglars using common tools, and withstand more serious attempts to buckle or deform entrance or glazed doors.

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VELFAC - slim frame, without compromise

The slim VELFAC frame (54mm) increases the ratio of glass in a window, letting 25% more light in to your house compared to standard alternatives, and reducing the need for artificial lighting. VELFAC windows are made of aluminium outside and wood inside, and feature a unique frame design without compromising on insulation properties.

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Conventional window

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VELFAC window



What sizes are available?

VELFAC windows and doors are manufactured to your exact specifications.


We do not work with standard sizes and do not have units in stock. This means you will get doors and windows that are manufactured exactly to your specification and needs, including sizes, accessories, colours and opening functions.

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Unique frame construction

The VELFAC slim frame design brings together the best of both worlds - the character of internal pine and the durability and low maintenance of external aluminium, with a frame which is only 54mm to increase the amount of daylight and enhance the view.

High quality wood

Frames, mullions and transoms are made of VACUMAT or Flow-coat-treated pine with waterbased acrylic paint containing anti-mould fungicide. The thickness of final paint layer, when dry, is 60-80μm. Wood is treated with a clear lacquer to enhance the warmth of the natural grain, or painted in one of a range of RAL colours to match the interior decor.

Durable aluminium

External sashes are made of aluminium extrusion alloy EN AW-6060 or EN
AW-6063, polyester powder coated to a thickness of 60-120μm and a standard gloss level of 77%, or anodised to a thickness of 20μm. The finish of the external aluminium sash is either a hard-wearing polyester powder coat in a wide range of RAL colours, metallic finish in RAL 9006 & 9007, or anodised silver or gold.

Insulating glass

Glass constitutes 62.2 percent of a VELFAC window. VELFAC manufactures double and triple glazing windows and the cavity between each pane of glass is filled by a non-toxic inert gas called Argon. Argon is extracted directly from the atmosphere and is nature's most common noble gas. Argon makes up 0.1% of a VELFAC 200 window and thanks to its excellent insulating properties, our windows are able to reduce dramatically the heat loss through the glass.

Designed for disassembly

Did you know that VELFAC windows are made of wood, aluminum and glass and that they can be easily disassembled at the end of their life cycle?
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Play with colours and window types

If you prefer a “hands on” approach, try the VELFAC visualiser. See how different doors and windows work on different types of houses and get inspiration for your own project.

How to buy?

Our windows and doors are sold exclusively through our distributors, a UK wide network of professionals selected for their excellent product and technical knowledge.


Certified & quality tested

All VELFAC products are thoroughly tested and quality assured. VELFAC meet - and exceed - all necessary standards.