Single sliding door

Bring the outside in with a VELFAC single sliding door

VELFAC single sliding patio doors, also known as single leaf sliding doors, combine performance, functionality and style. If you are looking to increase the levels of natural light in your home whilst also benefiting from outstanding thermal efficiency, this is the product for you.
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Energy efficient Low maintenance Daylight optimization Min. 40y life expectancy Easy to operate Made to measure


VELFAC composite windows and patio doors bring together the best of both worlds; the durability and versatility of aluminium and the beauty and warmth of natural wood.


Description and benefits

Single sliding door

Rather than folding back on themselves like bifold doors, or opening on hinges like French doors, in a single sliding door one glass panel slides horizontally along the track, taking very little room to operate. This makes single sliding doors ideal for balconies and smaller gardens, or for rooms where there is not much floor space.


Our sliding doors are easy to operate and are available in two different versions:

  • Standard threshold: 70mm
  • Low threshold: 24mm


The low threshold sliding door has a major benefit to those that need to move inside and out their home using a wheelchair, a buggy or pram, making the access to your house even easier.


Both styles feature the same beautiful slim profile, high security , excellent energy performance and are Part Q compliant, and can be manufactured to create up to 1.2 metres free opening.


Shape, sizes, colour and prices

Shapes and sizes

All VELFAC windows and doors are tailor made so they can be designed to meet your tastes and needs thanks to our bespoke service. 

VELFAC units can be specified in a wide range of shapes and sizes, used to add architectural impact, or combined to create distinctive bespoke features.


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Colour options

You can also specify frame colour inside and out, opening function, glass options and accessories, giving you the freedom to install exactly the perfect solution for your needs and taste.

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Prices - bespoke high quality windows and doors

Our windows and doors are sold exclusively through our distributors, a UK wide network of professionals selected for their excellent product and technical knowledge.

Since we don’t work with standard sizes or configurations, each quotation will be created specifically for your project. To learn more about how to keep your budget low when ordering VELFAC windows and doors, read our page

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Warranty, delivery & installation

Windows and door warranty
VELFAC products are designed and manufactured to exceptional levels of quality, resulting in low maintenance operation and long life span.


We are so sure about the quality and durability of our products to offer a comprehensive product warranty of 12 years in the case of windows and 5 years in the case of casement, sliding and external doors.


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Delivery and installation 
Your VELFAC distributor can install your windows for you, ensuring the installation of the product is performed to the highest standard. If preferred, you can manage the installation yourself, using our recommended installation guide.

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Tested and certified

Certifications, marks and memberships

All VELFAC products and processes are thoroughly tested and quality assured.  

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Windows and doors tested to the extreme
Hundreds and thousands of customers test VELFAC windows and doors every day. Throughout Europe, millions of windows have stood the test of time, but despite this track record, we still maintain a demanding testing programme to ensure our system continues to meet - and exceed - all necessary standards.

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Technical info on single sliding doors

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See our product details, explore opening functions and download drawings, instruction and other documents for the VELFAC windows system.

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Frequently asked Questions


When you are considering a single sliding door, there may be many relevant questions that you want answered. We have gathered some of the frequently asked questions about single sliding doors right here.


Please remenber that if you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact us. We are ready to help. 

What is the main advantage of an external sliding door?

One of the biggest benefits of installing a sliding glass door is they take very little space to operate. Where hinged doors require space to swing open, sliding doors operate sideways. This makes them ideal for use where floor space is a concern both on the inside or the outside of your house.

Are sliding doors practical to use?

Sliding doors offer more controlled ventilation than bifolding doors because allow you to open the doors partially to ventilate each room without making your whole house cold.


VELFAC sliding doors are also very easy to operate even with only one hand, despite the size or weight of the door.

Which material is best for sliding doors?

The most affordable option is UPVC, but this material it’s not particularly strong, so the frame of the sliding door will be fairly thick, blocking your view. Timber is a classic choice because it's a very warm material, but requires painting and maintenance . Aluminium offers high durability and the possibility to have a virtually uninterrupted views, but it is not as thermal efficient as wood. The best option would be a composite sliding door which combines wood and aluminum together, insuring slim frame, high thermal efficiency, and durability of minimum 40 years.

What sizes are available?

All VELFAC sliding doors are made to measure, therefore you can be sure that the door will fit exactly your home. The single leaf sliding door can be manufactured to create up to 1.2 metres free opening.

Why should I choose sliding doors from VELFAC?

VELFAC is a leader manufacturer of wood / aluminum windows, and is valued for its system narrow frames, elegant design and unique thermal performance.


VELFAC doors are the ideal complement to your VELFAC windows. Finished to match frame colours, inside and out, VELFAC sliding doors features the same style and uniform sightlines that make VELFAC windows so distinctive, allowing a seamless transition.


Security is also important: our sliding doors multi-point locking system brings peace of mind, and ensures the door closes tightly, eliminating draughts. VELFAC products are manufactured in high quality, which results in low maintenance and a long operational life of minimum 40 years.

Uniform frame appearance

All VELFAC windows and doors have the same frame appearance,

whether they are fixed or opening, adding a sleek, flush and uniform finish to every home.


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Double sliding door

Thanks to the unique construction, VELFAC double sliding doors can create an extra-wide, uninterrupted opening of up to 2.5 metres. Ideal for kitchens, dining rooms or garden rooms, each glass pane of the double sliding glass doors moves in two different directions on the track, letting more light into your home and connecting any room to the outside.



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Certified & quality tested

All VELFAC products are thoroughly tested and quality assured. VELFAC meet - and exceed - all necessary standards.