Single casement door

The ‘traditional’ hinged door design, with modern performance and style

A single casement door , also known as french door, is similar in concept to a casement window where a single hinged sash (opening door leaf within a frame) opens outward, often to a patio, garden, deck or balcony. Casement doors are widely used throughout UK as a simple but efficient way to connect the inside with the outside.

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Made to last Low maintenance Daylight optimization Min. 40y life expectancy Easy to operate


VELFAC composite windows and doors bring together the best of both worlds; the durability and versatility of aluminium and the beauty and warmth of natural wood.


Description and benefits

Casement door (French door)

VELFAC single casement patio doors are often also used to replace single windows in renovation projects. Replacing a window with a patio door increases the amount of light into a room and open up your home to the outside. The sash stops at 90°, but is also available with 180° hinge which allows the sash to fold back flat against the wall.


The ease and simplicity in handling and operating these types of doors make them a very popular choice amongst homeowners today. Furthermore, owing to their sturdy construction and slim frame, VELFAC single casement doors help you create architectural features with no visible difference between for example opening doors and fixed windows. The slim frame also allows more light into the rooms, reducing the need of artificial light and providing a feeling of wellbeing.


Built with highest quality materials, our casement doors are made to last. The external aluminium requires virtually no maintenance, while the internal wood insures high levels of insulation.



Design without compromising on security

VELFAC casement doors offer exceptional insulation, while the slim frame also allows maximum daylight and ‘free’ solar heat to enter the interior - with low emissivity glass coatings available to control solar gain. Accredited by the UK Police in their ‘Secured by Design’ initiative, VELFAC casement doors offer impressive security features such as multi point locking mechanisms and internal glazing beads, used to prevent the external removal of glass.

Shape, sizes, colour and prices

Shapes and sizes

All VELFAC windows and doors are tailor made so they can be designed to meet your tastes and needs thanks to our bespoke service. 

VELFAC units can be specified in a wide range of shapes and sizes, used to add architectural impact, or combined to create distinctive bespoke features.


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Colour options

You can also specify frame colour inside and out, opening function, glass options and accessories, giving you the freedom to install exactly the perfect solution for your needs and taste.

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Prices - bespoke high quality windows and doors

Our windows and doors are sold exclusively through our distributors, a UK wide network of professionals selected for their excellent product and technical knowledge.

Since we don’t work with standard sizes or configurations, each quotation will be created specifically for your project. To learn more about how to keep your budget low when ordering VELFAC windows and doors, read our page

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Warranty, delivery & installation

Windows and door warranty
VELFAC products are designed and manufactured to exceptional levels of quality, resulting in low maintenance operation and long life span.


We are so sure about the quality and durability of our products to offer a comprehensive product warranty of 12 years in the case of windows and 5 years in the case of casement, sliding and external doors.


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Delivery and installation 
Your VELFAC distributor can install your windows for you, ensuring the installation of the product is performed to the highest standard. If preferred, you can manage the installation yourself, using our recommended installation guide.

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Tested and certified

Certifications, marks and memberships

All VELFAC products and processes are thoroughly tested and quality assured.  

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Windows and doors tested to the extreme
Hundreds and thousands of customers test VELFAC windows and doors every day. Throughout Europe, millions of windows have stood the test of time, but despite this track record, we still maintain a demanding testing programme to ensure our system continues to meet - and exceed - all necessary standards.

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Technical info on Casement doors (French doors)

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See our product details, explore opening functions and download drawings, instruction and other documents for the VELFAC windows system.

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Uniform frame appearance

All VELFAC windows and doors have the same frame appearance,

whether they are fixed or opening, adding a sleek, flush and uniform finish to every home.


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Double casement door

The double casement door not only provides a greater entrance and exit, it is also an aesthetic statement that enhance any home regardless of its age or style. In addition, a double casement door provides a lot of natural light, making it a great solution to open up your home to the garden.



Inward opening casement door

The VELFAC In System consists of inward opening windows and tilt and turn casement doors in wood/aluminium. Designed for multi-storey buildings, where they offer effective ventilation with a specially designed tilt function, VELFAC in windows and doors are the perfect choice for juliet balcony doors .



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Certified & quality tested

All VELFAC products are thoroughly tested and quality assured. VELFAC meet - and exceed - all necessary standards.