VELFAC commitment to the environment

VELFAC commitment to the environment

Making windows part of the solution

Whether you are planning to replace old windows or looking for the best glazing for your dream home, making environmentally-minded choices allows you not only to protect the planet but also to save money on your energy bills.

Windows and materials have specific ratings based on their sustainability and energy efficiency. VELFAC windows are not only built with outstanding quality, but they are also made with sustainable materials to help lower energy usage and costs.

VELFAC provides product specific EPDs to support accurate calculations of the carbon footprint of your project and to help you compare the different options on the market.



Responsibly sourced materials


An environmentally aware approach embraces processes and materials used to manufacture windows and doors. For VELFAC windows, this includes:


  • All wood comes from sustainable sources and is FSC® certified
  • All wood treatments are water based
  • Approximately 30% of the aluminium used to produce VELFAC profiles comes from recycled sources, and 95% is produced using hydro-electricity. VELFAC suppliers have accredited Environmental Management and Audit Systems and are ISO14001 accredited.
  • VELFAC glass suppliers run detailed environmental management systems.


Frequently asked questions

How to choose sustainable windows and doors?

Sustainability is increasingly becoming an important selling point for windows and doors, with demand growing for units manufactured from natural or recyclable materials. Windows are an important component in sustainable building design, and can dramatically reduce heating and artificial lighting need in your home, reducing the impact on the environment.

What windows are most eco-friendly?

Aluminium is one of the most eco friendly material for windows, because it is durable and recyclable; however thermal efficiency can be an issue with aluminium windows. Timber on the other side, is a naturally insulating material and is also a good sustainable choice, but requires manutention.


VELFAC windows combine external aluminium and internal timber in their frame, to provide a flexible, thermal efficient and eco friendly solution for your project.

How can I be sure I'm purchasing eco friendly windows?

To make sure you are buying sustainable windows and doors, choose a supplier who can provide evidence of an environmental responsible approach.


What does “greenwashing” mean and how to spot it?

Greenwashing is where companies make false or misleading statements about their environmental credentials, whether unintentionally or as a deliberate marketing strategy. It’s a deceitful advertising method to gain favour with consumers who choose to support businesses that care about bettering the planet. An example of greenwashing is also when a company promote his services and products as “green” without having any proof or environmental credential to support their statements.


All VELFAC products and processes are thoroughly tested and quality assured. See our certifications, marks and memberships

What is an EPD and how to read it?

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a document in which you can find data about the environmental impact of a certain building material in each stage of their product life cycle: Production, construction, end of life and the potential for reuse, recovery or recycling.


The content you’ll find in an EPD varies depending on the product category, but within a category, the set-up of an EPD will always be the same. This makes it easy to compare similar products, understand the environmental impact they have and make a conscious choice. As you can imagine, it’s really important to look at all the life stages a product goes through to define how sustainable it is. A product might be produced in a very sustainable way, but if it will only last for a short time or if it’s impossible to reuse or to recycle afterwards, then it’s not very sustainable in the end.


As a voluntary declaration of the life-cycle environmental impact, having an EPD for a product does not automatically imply that the declared product is environmentally superior to alternatives. On the other hand, companies who are not keen of showing their EPD reports may have some reasons behind their choice.


You can find VELFAC EPDs here


Contributing to a sustainable future

We believe every action, big or small, can make a change and lead to a more sustainable future



When manufacturing our windows and doors we use precision cutting technology to minimise waste as much as possible, and residual wood and sawdust are collected for recycling or used to heat our factories.





Our windows have an expected lifespan of minimum 40 years if maintained properly.

This helps to reduce the turnover of building materials and therefore reduces the carbon footprint.


The slim VELFAC frame profile allows up to 15% more light to enter the interior, providing a better daylight contribution and reducing the need of artificial light.





We joined the UN Global Compact and we work with validated science based targets to reduce our amount of CO2 emissions



We only use FSC®-certified wood in the production of our windows and doors, and all the wood tratments are water based.





2/3 of the aluminium used in VELFAC profiles is manufactured using renewable energy, and around 40% comes from recycled sources.

Designed for disassembly

Did you know that VELFAC windows are made of wood, aluminum and glass and that they can be easily disassembled at the end of their life cycle?
Learn more about the individual components in a VELFAC window


Windows and doors made to last

Quality is part of our core values and is fundamental to the production of VELFAC windows and doors and the service that we provide - from design and manufacture to delivery and installation.

Certified products and processes

As part of our commitment to quality we have developed and documented our procedures to gain BS EN ISO 9001 accreditation. We were originally registered in July 1995; since then, regular Quality System Reviews have been undertaken to ensure documentation, procedures and processes are being implemented and where possible, improved upon to increase efficiency and effectiveness.


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