The model company objective

VELFAC is based on a solid set of values. To us, operating by the model company objective means that we want to be a company that other companies compare themselves to or are inspired by. This gives us a set of behavioral principles that we can use every day across our company and is about running a profitable business, in an admirable way.

Social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been an integral part of our business since our foundation. At the core of our CSR committment is an ambition to live up to the model company objective formulated in 1965 by the VKR Group founder, Villum Kann Rasmussen:


”A model company is one that is committed to products that are useful to society and treats its customers, suppliers, employees of all categories and shareholders better than most other companies. A model company makes a profit in order to finance growth and maintain financial independence."


- Villum Kann Rasmussen - 1965

Our values

  • Take responsibility, show respect

    We don’t pass problems on as quickly as we can - we take responsibility and find a solution. We treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves.

  • Have courage, show care

    In our day to day activities we are proactive, tackling difficult issues head on, after we have taken the time to think and plan appropriately. We are not afraid of change and of being different.


    This formula encourages a healthy balance of initiative and perseverance, essential for growth, and helps us maintain the excellent relationship developed with clients, suppliers, employees and shareholders.
  • Maintain commitment and perseverance

    We always finish what we’ve started and honour our promises - we are not afraid of commitment. We persevere in any situation regardless of the difficulty we might be facing.



  • Quality equals progression

    We must never promise something we can’t deliver to the best possible standard; we must always look at what we have achieved and work out how to do it better next time.


Social benefit and sustainability

The model business objective means that we care about the environment and, at all levels in the company, make an extraordinary effort to create social benefit.

Giving back to the community

Together with contributions from the rest of the VKR Group, VELFAC helps to channel part of our financial return back to society. This is done via the non-profit foundations VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN, which work under the joint umbrella THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS.


The foundations support non-profit projects in science, culture, art and social affairs. Below you can see examples of the funds' purposes.


The work of our foundations

  • Supporting research into daylight and its importance people wellbeing

  • Increasing the focus on the environment and climate change as one of the biggest global challenges

  • Supporting environmental research and raising public awareness toward environmental issues
  • Supporting environmental projects with a particular focus on the ecological balance in nature

  • Awarding the annual Villum Kann Rasmussen's grant for technical and scientific research
  • Presenting the VILLUM and VELUX Foundation Daylighting and Building Components Award

  • Supporting major social and cultural projects







CSR & sustainability strategy

We strive to treat our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders in an exemplary manner - and this commitment to the environment and human rights goes back many years. We also expect our suppliers to do the same. Therefore, we work purposefully with a Code of Conduct for our suppliers, which ensures respect for human rights and protects against, among other things, discrimination, use of child labour, substances harmful to health and pollution.


Read much more about the many initiatives for the environment and human rights in the latest CSR report from DOVISTA



Whistleblowing policy

As a model company, we are committed to conducting our business with honesty and integrity, and we expect our employees to do the same.


If you experience or observe possible violations of the law or conditions of concern involving employees of VELFAC or other companies owned by DOVISTA, you can report it.

'No' to modern slavery and human trafficking

VELFAC recognises that slavery and human trafficking is a blight on society and endeavours to understand all potential modern slavery risks related to its business. This statement sets out the steps being taken by VELFAC to ensure that there is no slavery or human trafficking in its own business and its supply chains.








The history of VELFAC

VELFAC was founded by Danish civil engineer Villum Kann Rasmussen (1909-1993), the same man who invented the VELUX roof window.

Daylight engineers

For more than 60 years VELFAC windows and doors have helped create better buildings, filled with daylight, fresh air and the perfect indoor climate. But not many people know that it all started with a single great idea.