Slim frame windows and patio doors

More daylight and uniform sightlines

The latest architectural trends are centred around a demand for natural daylight. Increasing numbers of homeowners have a desire to experience a feeling of light and space for their living areas. We’re currently living in an era of ‘minimal frame and maximum glass’.

Benefits of installing slim framed windows and doors in your home


They give any home a more contemporary and uncluttered look


Increased daylight improves physical and mental wellbeing


They provide an almost interrupted view of the outside


Slim frames make smaller rooms look larger


They allow more free heat from the sun into your home


VELFAC - slim frame, without compromise

The VELFAC 54mm frame increases the ratio of glass in a window, letting 25% more light in your house compared to standard alternatives, and reducing the need of artificial lightining. VELFAC windows are made of aluminium outside and wood inside, therefore they feature a slim frame design without compromising on insulation properties.

Standard vs. VELFAC window_STANDARD.jpg

Conventional window

Standard vs. VELFAC window_VELFAC.jpg

VELFAC window


Uniform sightline - Details that make the difference

The VELFAC window system is characterised by a unique and elegant design, with simple and slim lines. All VELFAC windows and doors units feature the same appearance whether they open or not, adding a sleek, flush and uniform finish to every facade.

The VELFAC ‘floating’ frame effect is ideal for any style of home, from modern to traditional, and is achieved without compromising window performance or insulation.

VELFAC vs OTHER_uniform sightlines_highres.jpg

VELFAC is the architects first choice

“Many of the architects I interview say VELFAC is their first choice. They particularly like the system’s slim frame and uniform sightlines which mean that every window looks the same whether triple or double glazed, opening or fixed. It’s the type of detail which can make a real difference to the overall appearance and performance of your home.”

Jason Orme, editorial director at Homebuilding & Renovating (HB&R) who chose VELFAC windows and doors for his own family home.

Discover VELFAC windows and doors

VELFAC windows

VELFAC windows bring the best of two worlds - the warmth of internal wood and the durability and low maintenance of external aluminium. Our windows composite construction makes them a great alternative to wood or aluminium windows and gives a lot of benefits compared to modern upvc windows. 



Double casement door

The double casement door not only provides a greater entrance and exit, it is also an aesthetic statement that enhance any home regardless of its age or style. In addition, a double casement door provides a lot of natural light, making it a great solution to open up your home to the garden.



Single sliding door

VELFAC single sliding patio doors, also known as single leaf sliding doors, combine performance, functionality and style. If you are looking to increase the levels of natural light in your home whilst also benefiting from outstanding thermal efficiency, this is the product for you.



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Windows and doors are a big investment, so it’s important that you see and experience their ‘ touch and feel’ before you take your decision.

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