Testing and durability

Windows and doors made to last

Windows and doors must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions while maintaining the highest performance, safety and security standards. VELFAC windows have been tested by Europe and the UK most rigorous standards agencies, which have analysed all aspects of window design and construction, to prove their effectiveness and performance.

Tested to the extreme


Testing the durability and performance of our windows and doors is essential for the safety of our custoemrs.

At VELFAC, we test our windows and door units for:

Weather resistance:  air tightness, water tightness and ability to withstand wind loads – from moderate wind all the way up to hurricane strength


Safety: Drop and impact test to prove strength and stability






Safety, strength and durability

Ironmongery Testing

At VELFAC we are one of the few companies which develop its own ironmongery, and these are carefully designed and manufactured to suit our windows and doors and to provide performance and durability.


All our windows are drop tested to make sure the window will not fall out from the facade should any ironmongery fail. As a result, this test proves that VELFAC windows are safe and secure.


Did you know?

We test the durability and longevity of our products by opening and closing the windows 20,000 times and the doors 50,000 times.

Anti burglary testing

PAS 24 tested and Part Q compliance

PAS 24 is a guarantee VELFAC products are UKAS certified as compliant with PAS 24:2016 "Enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK". 

PAS 24 accreditation also means that VELFAC products comply with Building Regulation Part Q, which applies to any residential building, renovation or refurbishment project that requires planning permission. 

SBD accreditation

The focus of Secured by Design is to prevent crime in homes and commercial premises by setting security standards for a variety of products. The principles have been proven to reduce crime risk and ensure that products certified by the scheme meet a high quality standard.


A number of VELFAC 200 products have been tested and certified to SBD performance standards.


Acoustic solution

VELFAC has a large selection of sound windows that have been tested in their ability to reduce unwanted noise, for example from heavy traffic.

Read our test results

UK guidelines state that the noise level within a living area in a family home should not exceed 35dB.


The sound-reducing effect of the window depends on the glazing construction and the window size, sash, frame and joint sealing. Therefore, it is important that tests are conducted of the entire window element and not only the glazing. 


VELFAC has a large selection of sound windows and can present sound reports in connection with specific cases. Here you will find the test results for a number of product series:



Want to know more about testing and quality?

In our product database, you can find information about tests and documentation under each VELFAC product.