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When it comes to choosing windows many homeowners automatically think of white, but there are so many more options to choose from. Both grey and black windows and doors have grown in popularity in recent years over the classic white, while other colour options still constitute a niche. Coloured doors and windows frames can add character to your home, and with VELFAC you can choose a different colour palette inside and out.

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Outside colour options


Multiple standard colours Gloss or matt finish Granite or Metallic options



External aluminium window frames and doors can be polyester-powder coated or can feature a granite or anodised finish. Polyester Powder frames are our standard solution, while granite and anodised are considered “specialities”.

Standard: RAL colours     Popular standard outside color.png

External aluminium windows and doors frames can be polyester-powder coated. Polyester powder coated aluminium is one of the most durable materials for window construction, offering a low maintenance, weather resistant surface.



All VELFAC standard RAL colours

Below you can see our list of standard RAL colours. Any RAL colour not included in the list below is considered “special”.


RAL colours are available in matt and gloss finish (gloss 30 and gloss 77).

NB. RAL 1035 has limitations and specific features. Ask your distributor for more info.


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See the full list of RAL colours, including specials.

Non standard colours may be subject to additional costs and lead times.

Special: Granite colours     Popular Grafite outside color.png

Granite is a GSB-approved powder coating, with the same durability and quality as "standard" powder coating, but with a modern textured finish that looks and feels like rough-cut granite.



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Special: Anodized colours      Popular Anodized outside color.png

Anodised frames provide the highest level of hardness and protection as it becomes part of the aluminium frame. However, colour variations between order batches may occur as the aluminium frames are not painted but subject to a natural chemical process.



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Inside colour options


Multiple standard colours All water-based materials




Internal timber frame can be specified in clear lacquer to enhance the warmth of natural wood or in a range of RAL colours to match your interior decor.


A strong colour on the interior frame will make your window much more prominent, whereas white frames help windows blend into your room, and also reflect more valuable daylight into the interior. This can be particularly effective in a small room, where a white framed, larger window can give the effect of more space, making the room itself look bigger.

Lacquer and wood color options     Internal color option.jpg

Below you can see our list of standard RAL colours. Any RAL colour not included in the list below is considered “special”. Non standard colours may be subject to additional costs and lead times.




Clear lacquer finish to reveal the wooden frame.

See technical product information


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All VELFAC standard RAL colours, wood

Wood colour range.

See technical product information

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See some examples of external window and door frames

See some examples of internal window and door frames

Play with colours and window types

If you prefer a “hands on” approach, try the VELFAC visualiser. See how different doors and windows work on different types of houses and get inspiration for your own project.

More inspiration

How to choose the right colour for the windows and doors in your home.


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