Glazing bars

Countless combination options

A glazing bar (also called sash bar) is a rigid bar that connects two separate panes of glass. Traditionally, glazing bars were used in sash windows. They enabled the manufacturer to combine smaller, less expensive panes of glass to create large windows. More recently, they tend to be used for aesthetic reasons to give a more traditional appearance and feel to a glass units.

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Glazing bars options

Glazing bars are available in 36mm, 54mm and 115mm to match transoms and mullions. Externally the colour will match the other parts of the sash. The 36mm and 54mm internal profiles are available in grey, white, and black to match the glazing bead whilst the 115mm will match the colour selected for the timber frame. Glazing bars are not available for fire windows and doors.


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Description and benefits

Windows glazing bars

Window glazing bars configurations can change your house appearance. You have countless combination options to give a personal touch and a more traditional style to your composite windows and doors.


Glazing bars can add character and style to your VELFAC windows or glazed doors– use vertical or horizontal bars to maintain a uniform pattern formed by mullions or transoms, or to create a Georgian style window divided into smaller panes.


They can also be used to combine two different types of glazing in the same sash, for example in ‘apron’ areas of glazing.

Technical information on glazing bars

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Frequently asked Questions


When you are considering glazing bars, there can be many relevant questions that you want answered. We have gathered some of the frequently asked questions right here.

Why are glazing bars provided on Windows?

Glazing bars partition the glass into a series of smaller glass panes. In the past, more glazing bars and small panes of glass meant more opportunity for insulation problems. Today, glazing bars are used only for aesthetics reasons , and their use doesn't affect the thermal efficiency of a glazing unit.

What are the pros and cons of using glazing bars?

From an aesthetic point of view, some people consider the division of a window or glazed door into multiple panes to be more architecturally attractive than use of large panes. Glazing bars suit well houses built with a traditional style , but of course the use of glazing bars reduces the amount of natural light coming from the glass surface.

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