Double or triple glazed windows and doors

Choosing the best glazing option for your project

Whether you’re designing a new build or looking to renovate an existing home, glazing massively impacts the aesthetic of a home, but it is also crucial to consider the thermal efficiency of the different options.

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Double or triple glazing for your project

All VELFAC windows and doors are double glazed as standard, and deliver impressive thermal and acoustic insulation, which can be further improved with triple glazing.


Recent changes in Building Regulations have established that new doors and windows installed in homes must meet minimum energy performance targets, measured in U-Values. The Maximum U-value for windows and glazed doors for new homes is 1.2W/(m²·K)


Your distributor can advice on the right combination of VELFAC double and triple glazing to meet the requirements and make your home a comfortable place to live in, all year round.

Technical info on double glazed windows and patio doors

Double glazing is today the most popular form of glazing. In double glazing, the two glass panes are inserted in parallel separated by a cavity filled with gas which has an insulating effect.


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Technical info on triple glazed windows and patio doors

Triple glazed windows and doors simply use three panes of glass within a sealed frame, instead of two. So, although glass conducts heat fairly well, triple glazing reduces this heat loss using the layers of air/gas in between the panes making it a lot harder for the heat to escape.


See technical information on triple glazed windows and patio doors

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Glazing’s energy efficiency can also be improved by opting for low emissivity glass (aka Low-E glass). Low-E glass has an invisible coating that dramatically reduces heat transfer and reflects interior heat into the room. Low-E glass can make a big difference to a window’s thermal performance, whether it’s double or triple glazed.

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Frequently asked Questions


Choosing between double or triple glazing for your home can be difficult, as there are many factors that need to be taken in consideration. We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about double and triple glazing here.


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New maximum U-values by 2025 - how to comply?

In 2025, the UK government will introduce a Future Homes Standard for new build homes to be future-proofed with low carbon heating and world leading levels of energy efficiency. When the new standard will come into force, the current maximum U-value for a window will drop to 0.8W/m2K.


This lower U-value target is easily met by triple glazing but not by double glazing. As a result, homeowners are already starting to choose triple glazing for their homes, a trend which will accelerate as we get closer to the 2025 deadline.

Is a triple glazed window better than double glazed window?

We believe that both double glazing and triple glazing have their pro's and con's. The choice between the two depends on a number of factors such as your home’s level of insulation, the orientation of each room to the sun and your budget. We usually suggest a mix of the two, in order to achieve the best thermal efficiency rating while keeping the cost low. To learn more about your options, please read our blog

Installing triple glazed windows, can I do it myself?

If you are considering installing triple glazing windows in your home, we strongly suggest to ask a professional to do it for you. Installing triple glazing windows can help you reducing your energy bills , and improve your house indoor climate, but a poor installation can affect their efficiency and cause problems with the windows themselves. However, if you feel comfortable enough to install the windows yourself, we provide videos to guide you step by step. Learn more

How Much do triple glazed windows cost?

Triple glazing can help to combat the heat loss during the cold winter months, it does the same job as double glazing, but better!


A triple glazed window is, however, more expensive than double glazing, costing roughly 10-20% more . To receive some advice and a no obligation quote for your project, please tell us about your project and get in touch with one of our distributors.

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