Floor to ceiling windows

Floor to ceiling windows - in both commercial and domestic projects - deliver an impressive architectural statement while bringing more natural light and solar heat into the interior, thereby improving a building’s energy performance.

Floor to ceiling windows brings an elegant look to the roomVELFAC composite aluminium and pine windows are often used in stylish, full-height glazing. Each low energy window unit offers excellent insulation in a contemporary design with the distinctive VELFAC slim frame creating an elegant exterior finish while significantly increasing the levels of natural light and ‘free’ heat entering the interior.

Thermal loss – and excessive solar gain – are controlled with features such as low emissivity coatings. In addition, as glass is more energy efficient than the window frame, the VELFAC slim frame also lowers the U-values of even the largest VELFAC floor to ceiling window.


Frequently asked questions

What are floor to ceiling windows called?


We talk about floor to ceiling windows when windows are placed between the floor and ceiling slabs. These are commonly also known as 'glazed walls' or 'window walls' .

What are the benefits of installing floor to ceiling windows?


The main advantage of floor to ceiling windows is that they can be a great design feature that allows for maximum light. With large window spaces you can make the most of any views and make any space instantly feel brighter and larger.

What does floor to ceiling windows cost?


The cost of your floor to ceiling windows will depend on the size of the window wall, on the number of windows that open, the accessories you specify and your choice of glazing. However the average price per sqm is £450, which can increase or decrease depending on the size of the project.

Is it difficult to install floor to ceiling windows?


The installation of floor to ceiling windows is not more difficult than installing standard size windows, however you will need to consider these windows are langer therefore they can be quite heavy and the use of mechanical lifting equipment might be required.