Eco windows - get windows with low u values

VELFAC can supply windows with U-values as low as 0.8W/m2k – well below the minimum U-value of 1.80W/m2k currently specified by UK Building Regulations.

Eco windows are perfect for the natural look and designLow U-values are a VELFAC hallmark and as a result, VELFAC eco windows play an important part in any low energy building strategy. But in addition to low U-values, VELFAC windows also showcase a range of low energy features including low conductivity gas between glass panes, ‘Warmedge’ spacers to line the perimeter between panes, and low emissivity coatings used to minimise thermal energy loss while maximising light and solar gain.

The slim VELFAC frame also helps eco window performance; the U-value of glass is usually lower than that of the frame and so by maximising the glazed area the U-value for the window as a whole is reduced.