*VELFAC patio doors* in aluminium / wood

VELFAC patio doors in aluminium / wood

Let the outside in with VELFAC patio doors range.



Sliding doors

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Single or double?


Multiple color options Slim frame design Low maintenance


You can choose single or double sliding doors depending on space available, but also make your new patio door unique to your home by choosing the style you prefer.


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Casement doors

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Single or double?


Made to measure Slim frame design Low maintenance Security tested


VELFAC casement patio doors range includes both single door and double leaf door, ideal for easy access to the outside of your home. The sash stops at 90°, but is also available with 180° hinge which allows the sash to fold back flat against the wall.


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Glass and material

Customise your patio door.


Double or triple glazed Multiple glass option Solar control Noice reduction Privacy glass Safety glass


All VELFAC patio doors are double glazed as standard, and deliver impressive thermal and acoustic insulation, which can be further improved with triple glazing.


We also provide a wide range of glass options, with the result that every casement and sliding door can be tailored to meet energy needs, deliver precise acoustic control, guarantee privacy, and increase security.



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Frequently asked Questions


Choosing a new patio door for your home can be difficult, as there are many factors that need to be taken in consideration. We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about patio doors here.


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What to consider when choosing a patio door?

Material – Aluminium, wood or uPVC patio doors? there are a range of materials patio doors are produced from, so consider performance and finishes. Our blog will help you understanding pros and cons of each of them.


Colour – The colour of your new doors will play a big part in your design preferences, and at VELFAC we offer a great selection of colours.


Security – Always ensure that your French doors, bifolding doors or sliding patio doors are secured with a multi point locking mechanism for peace of mind.


Building regulations - make sure the patio door you choose meets all relevant regulations.

What is the best material for patio doors?

uPVC patio doors have thick sightlines which impact on the appearance of the window, cutting down natural light and reducing acoustic insulation. uPVC patio doors can also discolour in sunlight, and although ongoing maintenance is limited, the expected lifetime of a uPVC patio door can be relatively short.


Aluminium patio doors are hard wearing, but can look ‘cold and commercial’ in a domestic environment. Insulation also is an issue – good performance can be achieved, but at a cost.


Composite patio doors like VELFAC feature a slim frame profile and combine the best of two worlds: the warmth of wood on the inside and durability of aluminium on the outside.

What does a patio door cost?

The cost of a patio door depends on the style chosen, its size and specification - on average, the cost for a VELFAC patio door is £450 per sqm. Please contact our team and we will be happy to help you find the right patio door to meet your budget.

How to secure patio doors?

VELFAC patio doors are built with security in mind. We have a range of part Q and SBD approved doors, for a complete peace of mind.

How to adjust patio doors?

There are different ways to adjust patio doors, depending on the style of the door and the kind of adjustment required. Please see our guides available here 

How to buy?

Our windows and doors are sold exclusively through our distributors, a UK wide network of professionals selected for their excellent product and technical knowledge.


Choose your new VELFAC patio door design with confidence


Patio doors are a smart, practical choice to let more natural light flood into your home and allow access to your garden. The term “Patio doors” covers different doors styles including sliding glass doors, bifold doors and French doors. Sliding glass patio doors open by sliding panes past each other along a track. Bifold patio doors also sit within a track, but fold back on themselves before sliding to one side. French patio doors simply open from hinges.


VELFAC wood aluminium patio doors are highly energy efficient and tailor made to your specification to complement the look of your home. Our range of patio doors are designed to capture more natural light than other traditional brands, and to improve the thermal efficiency of your home.


You can choose single or double patio doors depending on space available, but also make your new patio door unique to your home by choosing the style, internal and external frame colour and glass option you prefer.

Bifolding doors, french doors or sliding patio doors: which should I buy?


When choosing a patio door, there are different aspect to take in consideration: style of course, but also the space available inside and outside your house to open the door.


Sliding patio doors take up very little space so they are ideal for any location, especially where space is tight on the outside, such as a narrow balcony or terrace.


French patio doors can be installed in any room, especially where wall space is more limited or you don’t have the width for a sliding door.


Bifold patio doors can take up space either inside and outside of the house depending on design. The panels can encroach on the living area inside when opened fully, so do bear this in mind.


Built with quality in mind, VELFAC patio doors offers exceptional value and high energy efficiency . Double glazing as standard, our patio doors are also available in triple glazing.


Read more about patio doors choices.


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