Casement door technology has advanced significantly in recent years, allowing home owners and builders to ‘bring the outside in’ without compromising energy efficiency or security.

Casement doors in a white aluminium finish brings more light into the home

NB: Egress doors – Fitted with an internal handle only.


A casement door is similar in concept to a casement window: a hinged single sash (opening door leaf within a frame) or a dual sash to result in what is usually referred to as a 'French door'. Casement doors are widely used throughout Europe as a simple but efficient way to connect the inside with the outside, often a patio, garden, grounds, deck or balcony.


VELFAC wood aluminium casement doors

  • Slim frame design, to insure an interrupted view of the outside
  • Fully tested and secure - they have been proven to resist physical attack by a casual or opportunist burglar
  • Made to measure -can be specified to cover large opening sizes
  • 5 years product warranty

VELFAC stylish casement doors helps you create architectural features with no visible difference between for example opening doors and fixed windows. All VELFAC windows and doors feature the same slim frame, weather they open or not, providing uniform sightlines and a clean look to your home. The slim frame also allows more light into the rooms, reducing the need of artificial light and providing a feeling of wellbeing.

VELFAC casement doors range includes both single door and double leaf doors, ideal for easy access to the outside of your home. The sash stops at 90°, but is also available with 180° hinge which allows the sash to fold back flat against the wall


Design without compromising on security

VELFAC casement doors offer exceptional insulation, while the slim frame also allows maximum daylight and ‘free’ solar heat to enter the interior - with low emissivity glass coatings available to control solar gain. Accredited by the UK Police in their ‘Secured by Design’ initiative, all VELFAC casement doors offer impressive security features such as multi point locking mechanisms and internal glazing beads, used to prevent the external removal of glass.


VELFAC casement doors - made to last

Built with highest quality materials, our casement doors are made to last. The external aluminium of our casement doors, requires virtually no maintenance, while the internal wood insures high levels of insulation.