VELFAC patio doors in aluminium / wood

VELFAC composite patio doors are designed to capture more natural daylight than other traditional style brands.

Beautiful modern aluminium / wood patio door with slim profile

Patio doors are a smart, practical choice to let more light flood into your home and allow access to your garden. VELFAC wood aluminium patio doors are tailor-made to your specification to complement the look of your home.

You can choose single or double patio doors depending on space available, but also make your new patio door unique to your home by choosing the style, internal and external frame colour and glass option you prefer.

Single or double? Choose your new patio door design with confidence

VELFAC casement door may be used as an exit or garden, balcony or terrace, for example from a living room or bedroom. The door can be divided by glazing bars or infill panels chosen to complement the overall building design.

The sliding door takes up very little space and is specially suited for narrow terraces and balconies where making the best use of space is a concern.


To find out what patio door style suits your project better


Frequently asked questions

What is the best patio door?


When choosing a patio door, there are different aspect to take in consideration: style of course, but also the space available inside and outside your house to open the door and the position of the door toward the sun.

Read more about patio doors choices.

How to adjust patio doors?


There are different ways to adjust patio doors, depending on the style of the door and the kind of adjustment required. Please see our videos available here 

What does a patio door cost?


The cost of a patio door depends on the style chosen, its size and specification - on average, the cost for a VELFAC patio door is £450 per sqm. Please contact our team and we will be happy to help you find the right solution to meet your budget.

How to secure patio doors?


VELFAC patio doors are built with security in mind. We have a range of part Q and SBD approved doors, for a complete peace of mind.