VELFAC window handles and restrictors

Our unique ‘warm to touch’ espagnolette handles are finished in matt silver alloy, with optional child-lock buttons, key operated locks and restrictors.



VELFAC handles

VELFAC offers a range of window espagnolette handles that includes standard handle, lockable handle and child lock handle.

Our window handles - as well as all the ironmongery - are developed by VELFAC and carefully designed to suit our window design and provide the best performance in terms of safety, strength and durability.

VELFAC handles are made in a thermal material which is warm to the touch and feature brush / satin surface finish, and they are covered by our Product Warranty.

Unique warm to touch window handle from VELFAC provided with a matt silver alloy finish



VELFAC restrictors

Window opening restrictors are designed to limit the opening distance of a window, and are primarily a safety feature. All VELFAC opening restrictors are concealed within the sash and cannot be seen on either the inner or outer frame when not in use.

VELFAC offers two types of restrictor:

  • Hand operated restrictor
    These limit window openings to 40mm and can be released by hand to allow the window to be fully opened.
  • Tool operated restrictor
    These limit openings to either 100mm or 210mm (depending on window size) and cannot be released by hand – a special tool is required to fully open the window.

VELFAC opening restrictor



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