After sales request

When contacting VELFAC with an after sales service request we ask you to provide us with the order number and the position number for each window/door.


All VELFAC windows/doors carry a unique identity tag, including above mentioned order number and position number, to enable immediate tracing of spare parts. You can find the tag by opening the window and looking at the bottom left side of the wood frame. On fixed elements the sticker is located on the upper frame.

VELFAC strives to deliver flawless items. However, unfortunately, manufacturing defects or damage to the items on their way from factory to delivery address may occur.

Damaged items should never be installed before a complaint has been lodged, and VELFAC has aggreed the damaged element to be installed. This can be done by a phone call to our customer support as well as subsequent image documentation or you can fill out the form below.



Please fill out the form to make an after sales request