On this page we have collected a number of videos including inspiration, installation, operation and replacement of VELFAC windows and doors. Choose a subject and watch the videos.

Inspiration videos

Be inspired by our windows for life video, watch the amazing video from Eagle Rock or be wiser on VELFAC windows and sustainability.

Installation videos

These videos will show you how to install your new VELFAC windows and how to install the VELFAC 200 ENERGY sliding casement door with 25mm threshold.

Operation videos

See our full collection of operational videos. Everything you need to know including; how to clean your reversible window from the inside, how to operate handles with child locks and how the opening restrictor works.

Replacement videos

Our collection of replacement videos is designed to guide you through the process of replacing parts such us handles, panes or internal glazing gasket. Follow the link to view our library.

Adjustment videos

In these videos you will see how to adjust VELFAC windows and doors including how to get your VELFAC 200 sliding casement door to run optimally.