Prices for wood / aluminium windows

New windows are a big investment, so it's important that you know that the windows you choose will offer the best protection possible.
All VELFAC windows and doors are bespoke to meet our customers’ needs in terms of security, insulation or noise control, and will be finished according to very specific design criteria, inside and out.

Bespoke windows and doors prices

Don’t forget whole life costs

The combination of aluminium and wood makes your new windows and doors extremely durable compared with wood only windows, and also very thermally efficient -in comparison with aluminium only systems.

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VELFAC products are not the most or least expensive on the market, especially if compared to plastic (PVC) windows, however when specifying windows for your project , its not just the initial price of the product itself that you will need consider.

The quality and whole life costs for the VELFAC system make it very competitively priced. For example :

  • Well insulated and thermally efficient new VELFAC windows can help you reduce your energy bills.
  • VELFAC windows and doors needs minimal maintenance – only regular cleaning, and no repainting or repairing of external frames for the lifetime of the installation.
  • VELFAC windows and doors have an expected operational life of 40 to 60 years, and we also offer a long lasting comprehensive warranty on our windows and doors.

Could you reclaim VAT?

Did you know? If you are self-building your home you may also be able to reclaim VAT on building materials such as VELFAC windows and doors. Find out more here

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For more information on our windows and doors, and to get a quote specific for your project, please contact us and our team will help you find the right solution to meet your needs and budget.