Prices for WooD / Aluminium windows

VELFAC composite aluminium and pine windows are a competitively priced alternative to aluminium glazing, with every VELFAC window custom-made.

Aluminium timber windows completes a well designed and modern buildingWood / aluminium window prices are usually based on a basic specification - VELFAC windows are individually made to meet the needs of the client, the building, and those who live or work in it. Custom-made VELFAC aluminium / pine windows deliver the best value for money; they are tailored to maximise performance, for example in terms of insulation or noise control, and will be finished according to very specific design criteria, inside and out, to deliver stylish, low maintenance, contemporary glazing with excellent energy performance.

Why not get a quote? Visit the VELFAC website to discuss your brief with our technical team, and find out just how keenly priced VELFAC glazing can be.