Weigela, Bramerton, Norfolk

Homeowners Tony and Moira Evans already knew about VELFAC when they specified the system for their refurbished home:

‘I had worked in estates management at the University of East Anglia where VELFAC windows were installed in student residences, and we had also used them on a previous house,’ he explains. ‘Having proved their durability and functionality and as low maintenance was a key driver for our own project, VELFAC was our first choice of glazing. We like the composite design, especially the internal wood, and the frame construction drains properly – the windows never sit in water which is the biggest enemy of sealed units.’


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Their home, a refurbished 1951 bungalow, now features VELFAC windows, sliding patio doors and RIBO entrance doors. ‘It’s a good quality system,’ he says. ‘Standard double glazed units deliver the insulation we need, and have a virtually transparent film to reduce solar gain and UV damage to furnishings. The RIBO front door also proved to be half the price of wood (oak was our original choice) and is installed between two glazed VELFAC panels to create a screen in the porch.’

External aluminium frames are finished in anthracite grey (‘giving a crisp finish but with some warmth,’ says Tony) complementing the red brick facades and distinctive creasing tiles which flank the doorways. Internal wood is finished in a clear lacquer: ‘Natural wood gives a warmer visual feel and I thought lacquer would also resist any minor damage caused during the build,’ says Tony. ‘In fact one frame was slightly scuffed, but the VELFAC repair kit was very easy to use and now you can’t see the damage.’

VELFAC customer service was another important benefit, he adds. ‘Our first step was to visit the VELFAC showroom in Kettering, where we discussed my drawings with a member of the VELFAC team. Our VELFAC contact was very helpful throughout the project, and we also used a VELFAC Approved Installer to make sure the system was fitted correctly.’ Tony & Moira have now moved into their new home and are delighted with the result. ‘The windows are doing very well,’ he says: ‘Our hard work at the planning stage has really paid off and the house looks exactly as we wanted.’


Sector: Refurbished 1951 bungalow

Homeowners: Tony & Moira Evans

Specified for:

  • Composite aluminium/wood frame
  • Durable, low maintenance construction
  • Low energy coatings – protection from solar gain and light damage
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Excellent customer service and support