Volcano House, London

When architect Oliver Lazarus designed his own family home – the innovative Volcano House, built on a brownfield site in Hackney - he specified VELFAC without much hesitation. ‘Triple glazing was essential to meet our thermal, acoustic, and air tightness targets,’ says Oliver, ‘but we also wanted windows which could complement both black, brick-built facades and a bright, light and colourful interior design. VELFAC met this brief very successfully, and at a highly competitive price.’


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For Oliver, a Director at architects Urban Mesh Design, building his own home was a chance to do something ‘a little bit different’. Volcano House sits within a contemporary urban terrace, with a floor plan that accommodates a bike garage, ground floor studio, four bedrooms and a series of garden terraces all within a tight, wedge-shaped plot. Echoing nearby buildings, black glazed bricks and stainless steel slips are used to create a dramatic, shimmering external façade, with VELFAC window runs installed across the first two floors. Narrow, full height glazed units are also installed at ground level, forming a porch which surrounds the VELFAC front door. External aluminium VELFAC frames are finished in anthracite grey, disappearing into the façade while emphasising the slim, minimal frame design: ‘We like the clean lines of the VELFAC system,’ says Oliver, ‘they have a neat and tidy finish, and look good when installed in a contemporary facade.’

In contrast to the dramatic exterior, an internal emphasis on light, air and sophisticated colour is sustained through bright paintwork, neutral flooring and statement furniture and fittings, including painted timber VELFAC frames. ‘With the VELFAC system you can specify different external and internal finishes at no extra cost,’ comments Oliver, ‘so we chose a mix of yellow, blue and plum painted timber frames – as well as white – to add colour across the house.’ VELFAC customer and technical support also played an important role in the success of Volcano House: ‘Our contact at VELFAC was excellent,’ says Oliver. ‘He supported us through the specification process, especially when we were considering different finishes, and also ensured a very competitive price.’

Volcano House was completed in 2018, and is currently shortlisted in both the ‘Individual Housing Development’ and ‘Innovation’ categories for the 2018 Brick Awards.


Sector: New build family home

Architect: Oliver Lazarus / Urban Mesh Design

Specified for:

  • Contemporary clean lines
  • Composite aluminium/wood frame
  • Competitive pricing
  • Different frame finishes at no extra cost
  • Excellent customer service