Trelyn, St Ives, Cornwall

‘Our VELFAC windows and doors look fantastic,’ say a delighted Neville and Lesley Witham owners of Trelyn, a stylishly refurbished and extended bungalow in St Ives, Cornwall.

Trelyn, St Ives, Cornwall

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‘The system is very attractive, offers great flexibility when choosing frame finishes, and is well made – the doors in particular lock securely, fit well and give a reassuring ‘clunk’ as they close.’

Trelyn’s transformation was masterminded by Rachel Witham, Neville and Lesley’s architect daughter, in collaboration with Pentan Architects. Rachel has added a large brick-built extension to the original bungalow, home to a new living room and kitchen. VELFAC aluminium / timber windows, doors and patio doors are installed throughout, dramatically improving thermal efficiency while underlining the home’s new and contemporary style.

‘We hadn’t heard about composite windows before starting the project,’ admits Neville, ‘but our daughter was adamant that VELFAC was the ideal system for the build. We liked the slim frames and low profile design, and the opportunity to specify different finishes inside and out. We could also achieve the levels of insulation we wanted with standard double glazing even though we installed some large window units, and the pricing was within our budget.’

Rachel has wrapped large VELFAC windows around the living room, with patio doors in the dining room and kitchen (leading to a covered patio) and dormer windows above to bring extra light into the interior. Externally, the large window frames are finished in light beige to complement the pale brick used in the extension and the new rendering on the existing house, while the dark grey dormer frames are an ideal fit for the new zinc roofing. ‘Internally, we opted for clear lacquered natural wood frames,’ adds Neville. ‘They look particularly good in the living room where we’ve installed light oak wall panels, and where the windows are deeply recessed behind oak sills.’

As well as look and quality, VELFAC support was an added benefit of the system says Neville: ‘Our VELFAC Approved Installer made a very good impression right from the start. He knew all about the VELFAC system, and made sure installation details were correct and to schedule – overall he was a very reassuring part of the process.’



Sector: Refurbished bungalow

Homeowner: Neville and Lesley Witham

Architects: Rachel Witham, in collaboration with Pentan Architects

Specified for:

  • Slim, low profile composite framea
  • Different frame finishes, inside and out
  • High quality construction
  • Thermal efficiency
  • VELFAC Approved Installer