Taigh na carr

Taigh na Carr, designed by architects Kindelan Grant, is a highly original low-energy home which fits perfectly within its loch-side setting

VELFAC Case Study, Taigh na carr

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VELFAC slim-framed triple glazing is installed across the build, with full height triple-glazed units adding drama to external facades (especially as light fades), framing expansive views over nearby Loch Duich, and delivering excellent thermal insulation and weather resistance.


Taigh na Carr’s open plan layout is designed to connect the home to its unique location, explains architect Ian Grant: ‘The house is deliberately built on a split level site to ensure horizontal views of the countryside from the kitchen and dining space, and to deliver a shoreline to skyline vista from the lower seating area, where the full height glazing creates a 180o panorama.’ As well as providing impressive views, Taigh na Carr is also designed to be very energy efficient, leading Ian to consider VELFAC composite glazing early in the planning phase: ‘VELFAC was one of the few manufacturers which could supply large triple glazed units which also opened,’ he says, ‘and the mechanical quality of the VELFAC system was also key.’ Given the exposed site, the client also wanted a warm, dry and easy to maintain home, which again made VELFAC the ideal choice: ‘Because of the challenging local climate traditional homes in the area feature very few windows which are also very small,’ says Ian. ‘With VELFAC we could install an ‘untraditional’ expanse of glazing which also delivered high levels of thermal performance, and proven resistance to wind-driven rain.’

Careful glazing design means that Taigh na Carr enjoys high levels of natural light without compromising internal comfort. ‘The quality of light through the VELFAC windows is remarkable,’ says Ian, ‘due both to the proximity of water, which reflects light upwards into the house, and the large expanse of roof glazing. The deliberate northern orientation of the large VELFAC windows helps control solar gain, with through-ventilation playing an important role. The house is also slightly raised above the road to ensure privacy, and careful planting prevents overlooking.’


Ian also exploited the versatility of the VELFAC frame to meet the client’s design brief: ‘Taigh na Carr is a modern version of local architecture with a soft and neutral balance of tones, and the extensive palette offered by VELFAC allowed us to find the ideal finishes to support our design intention. External aluminium window frames are painted soft grey to complement the corrugated iron roof and facades of white render and untreated larch. Internal timber frames are also painted grey to provide a subtle background for our client’s collection of furniture and artwork while also emphasising the colours of the ever-changing landscape beyond the windows.’



Sector: New build home

Contractor/Architect: Kindelan Grant

Specified for:

  • Large, triple-glazed opening units
  • High quality, robust design
  • Thermal performance
  • Wind and rain resistance
  • Wide range of frame colours