Spottes Mill, Scotland

Built on the site of a former grain store, Spottes Mill brings together traditional and modern materials in a highly distinctive new build home. VELFAC composite windows and doors are installed in every façade, with units also combined to create a full height corner curtain wall which brings maximum light into the open plan interior and frames beautiful views of the nearby Spottes Burn.

Photo credit: @cursetheseeyes

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Spottes Mill owner, local businessman Mark Paterson, worked with architect Peter Sassoon on a design which emerged ‘organically, although I knew I wanted a lot of glass,’ says Mark. ‘Architect friends had introduced me to the VELFAC system,’ he adds: ‘I really liked the external aluminium frame and knew it would look good against rustic stone walls and give a contemporary finish to a traditionally-styled building.’

When installing large areas of glazing, care is needed to ensure internal spaces remain comfortable all year round – which is what happened at Spottes Mill. ‘Peter positioned the glazed screen so that it only catches the morning sun, to minimise overheating,’ explains Mark. ‘He also overhung the screen with a metre-wide gable to provide added shade. The screen is made up of fixed units with trickle vents in the frames, which together with the opening windows, doors and sliding patio doors provide plenty of ventilation.’

Triple glazing was specified for good thermal insulation, essential as Spottes Mill is built in a shallow frost pocket (‘with swirling winds in winter’ adds Mark), and it also provides excellent acoustic control: ‘When the Burn is in full spate it’s actually quite noisy,’ he says, ‘but inside the house you can hardly hear a thing’.

Design was also clearly important when creating Spottes Mill. Mark specified an anthracite grey finish for the aluminium external frames, making them stand out against the stone walls and western red cedar cladding while also linking to the slate and zinc roof. By contrast, internal VELFAC timber frames are painted white:

‘We opted for a paint finish because the interior design already features wooden staircases, bookshelves and beams,’ Mark explains. ‘As the windows are also installed in white-painted alcoves, the white finish helps make the slim frames ‘disappear’ so that the emphasis is on the glass, and on the view beyond.’


Sector: New build home

Homeowner: Mark Paterson

Architect: Peter Sassoon

Photo credit: @cursetheseeyes

Specified for:

  • External aluminium frame
  • Contemporary style
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Acoustic performance
  • Different frame finishes, inside and out