Receipt of goods

The responsibility for delivered VELFAC products is transferred to the customer as soon as the elements are unloaded. Equipment and methods applied during unloading and handling of VELFAC elements must not inflict any damage, and the protective wrapping must not be removed until installation of the elements.

When the goods have been unloaded, you must check the contents against the delivery note and ensure there are no transport damages.  If the contents are not correct or any transport damage has occurred, you must make a note of this on the delivery note, and inform your distributor as soon as possible. 

Hidden damages (not visible upon delivery, but only when unpacking the pallet) must be reported to your distributor within 7 days from when the delivery took place. Do not remove the windows from the pallet before contacting your distributor and always remember to take photos of the damages as well.

Please do not dispose of any damaged items without the prior consent of VELFAC or your distributor.  Failure to follow these procedures will harm your ability to receive replacement goods free of charge.