Maintenance schedule

Operation and maintenance information can be found in the VELFAC user guide.

Brick building installed with composite windows

The following washing and oiling guidelines must be followed to ensure your warranty is maintained:

  • Oiling of the hinges, handle and locking mechanism with a few drops of teflon-based lubricating oil at least once a year.
  • The external aluminium sash will need cleaning at least once every year with a soft cloth or soft bristle brush and luke warm water, with a few drops of mild detergent. Materials such as paint, wet concrete etc. must be washed off immediately. A scratch will not affect the durability of the sash as the aluminium will form a natural layer of oxide, however, scratches should be repaired immediately.
  • The internal wood frame has been coated with a 100% water-based acrylic lacquer or acrylic paint. The frame should be dusted and wiped clean regularly. Minor scratches can be repaired with water-based acrylic paint or acrylic lacquer. Check the external side of the wood frame every year for visible deterioration of the surface treatment - especially in south-facing facades with exposure to the sun, in a marine environment, or where the windows are positioned in a building with high humidity internally. In these cases, the maintenance intervals should be adjusted accordingly.
  • The glazing bead, weather seals and gaskets should be cleaned using a damp cloth.
  • Traces left on the glass after removing stickers can be removed with meths or other alcohol based substances - care must be taken to avoid contact with other parts. 


In order to ensure your VELFAC windows perform to their best throughout their 40+ year design life, cleaning and maintaining at least once per year is essential, and certain parts will need replacing after a number of years.

Download and keep our Maintenance Schedule as your guide.