Environmental impact


Environmental impact

Meet your sustainability targets

Working to reduce our impact on the environment is an important part of our philosophy, and this is reflected in the choice of materials, suppliers and manufacturing processes that are employed to make our windows and doors. We can provide the advice and guidance required to meet project-specific sustainability targets.


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Performance & durability

Initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment

At VELFAC we strive to become an even more responsible windows and doors manufacturer by continuously adapting and improving our organization and processes, and by making all necessary adjustments to ensure alignment with the government sustainability goals.

We are aware that so much work still needs to be done, but we have started by implementing a number of initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment.  




We minimise the amount of waste

At VELFAC, we only use FSC-certified wood in our products. And we don't use more than necessary. The precision cutting technology in our factories minimises the amount of waste as much as possible, and residual wood and sawdust are collected for recycling



Long product life

We help reducing buildings' carbon footprint

Our windows have an expected lifespan of minimum 40 years if maintained properly.This helps to reduce the turnover of building materials, and has a positive impact on the carbon footprint of a building



Recyclable materials

We control and reuse raw materials

2/3 of the aluminium used in VELFAC profiles is manufactured using renewable energy sources, and approx. 40% comes from recycled sources. Each VELFAC unit is designed to be disassembled and reused at the end of its life cycle. 




We are committed to a more responsible development

We are committed to reduce our carbon footprint in line with the Paris Agreement goals. Therefore, as part of DOVISTA, we have joined the UN Global Compact and work with validated science-based targets to achieve, together with our value chain partners, a 42% reduction in our CO2 emissions by 2030. 






VELFAC’s contribution to sustainable construction


Below you can find our Environmental Products Declarations for the production stage (A1–A3) of a VELFAC  top-guided window with reference dimensions of 1230x1480mm. The report provides information about its impact on the environment, such as global warming potential, smog creation, ozone depletion and water pollution.







VELFAC windows – made to last

Long life span

it’s really important to look at all the life stages a product goes through to define how sustainable it is. A window or door might be manufactured in a very sustainable way, but if it only lasts for a short period of time or if it’s difficult to reuse or to recycle afterwards, then it’s not very sustainable. VELFAC windows and doors have an expected lifespan of minimum 40 years, which helps to reduce waste and limit the amount of carbon generated by manufacture facilities.


As a manufacturer, we do everything to ensure that the design of our products meets the highest standards for robustness, durability and quality.







VELFAC supports circular material flows and contributes to the continued use of raw materials


At VELFAC, we believe in the importance of avoiding the unnecessary waste of valuable resources in connection with the life cycle of our products. Each window can be easily disassembled into individual materials (wood, aluminium and glass) at the end of its lifecycle, that can be recycled and/or reused multiple times.



The VELFAC composite frame features FSC®-certified pine sourced from managed forests, and 50% recycled aluminium; windows are produced using a low energy manufacturing process, and are also backed by a ‘cradle to grave’ analysis of environmental performance, providing further evidence of our windows and doors environmental credentials.







Our products and processes are subject to continuous control to ensure high quality and reduced carbon emissions

Marks and accreditations

Excellent product performance is fundamental to the VELFAC philosophy, and vital to our reputation. Hundreds and thousands of customers test VELFAC windows every day. Throughout Europe, millions of windows have stood the test of time, but despite this track record, we still maintain a demanding testing programme to ensure our system continues to meet - and exceed - all necessary regulatory standards.


You can therefore be sure that our windows and doors are continuously tested and verified by impartial bodies.



Meet your sustability targets with VELFAC windows and doors

We can provide the advice and guidance required to meet project-specific sustainability targets.

EPD documents

Download VELFAC EPD's

We offer EPDs that reflect our overall window systems, based on a top-guided window with reference dimensions of 1230x1480mm.



"‘VELFAC has become our ‘go to’ brand when specifying composite glazing. The system offers a good cost to quality ratio, and the frame design results in low embodied carbon, primarily due to the percentage of recycled aluminium used. This was important for our client sustainability targets, and for dRMM as we champion climate-conscious architecture and the use of natural wood, which again is a feature of the VELFAC frame.’


- Findlay McFarlane, Architect at dRMM.


VELFAC supports your sustainability targets

Use VELFAC EPDs and our technical knowledge to calculate the carbon footprint of your project.