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Builders and developers carry a huge responsibility, ensuring projects meet industry and regulatory standards and client needs, coordinating teams with different specialisms and ensuring that the site and equipment are fit for use.

With VELFAC you can offer beautifully made and unique glazing solutions. Our windows and doors are manufactured to the highest standard and provide excellent thermal, acoustic and security performance.

Make the difference for your customers

Distinctive and contemporary VELFAC aluminium / timber windows and doors can increase market differentiation for any development.
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Unique frame construction

The VELFAC slim frame design brings together the best of both worlds - the character of internal pine and the durability and low maintenance of external aluminium, with a frame which is only 54mm to increase the amount of daylight and enhance the view.

High quality wood

Frames, mullions and transoms are made of VACUMAT or Flow-coat-treated pine with waterbased acrylic paint containing anti-mould fungicide. The thickness of final paint layer, when dry, is 60-80μm. Wood is treated with a clear lacquer to enhance the warmth of the natural grain, or painted in one of a range of RAL colours to match the interior decor.

Durable aluminium

External sashes are made of aluminium extrusion alloy EN AW-6060 or EN
AW-6063, polyester powder coated to a thickness of 60-120μm and a standard gloss level of 77%, or anodised to a thickness of 20μm. The finish of the external aluminium sash is either a hard-wearing polyester powder coat in a wide range of RAL colours, metallic finish in RAL 9006 & 9007, or anodised silver or gold.

Insulating glass

Glass constitutes 62.2 percent of a VELFAC window. VELFAC manufactures double and triple glazing windows and the cavity between each pane of glass is filled by a non-toxic inert gas called Argon. Argon is extracted directly from the atmosphere and is nature's most common noble gas. Argon makes up 0.1% of a VELFAC 200 window and thanks to its excellent insulating properties, our windows are able to reduce dramatically the heat loss through the glass.






A multitude of opening functions

Fixed, guided or fully reversible. You can specify your window combinations and also how you want them to open without compromising on design.

Many options, same appearance

VELFAC windows and doors all feature a modern, uniform slim frame design, so it doesn´t matter which opening function you choose, you will always have the same beautiful sash appearance.


Contemporary design with uniform sightline

The VELFAC 200 system is characterised by elegant, contemporary clean lines, and units can also be made in different shapes. As a result, you can specify glazing to support a distinctive building style, sustained across a range of house types, or combine VELFAC units to create innovative glazed features.

Slim frames = more daylight

The benefits of maximising the amount of daylight in a building are many: It creates an attractive visual environment, helps saving electrical energy and provides the light needed for our biological needs. A good luminous environment is simultaneously comfortable, pleasant, relevant, and appropriate for its intended uses and users. The characteristic narrow profiles of VELFAC windows provide every building with an elegant look and extra light into the interiors.






Design flexibility

Any VELFAC frame can be divided by mullions or transoms to create the aesthetic and function you require. Sashes with different opening functions can be mounted within the same frame. VELFAC windows can also be created in many different shapes. This offers design flexibility to your project.

Windows that suits the building and architecture

The VELFAC window system offers great design versatility, you can specify a window that suits the building style and architecture, or create a feature by combining different shapes and sizes.

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Relevant information

VELFAC draws on more than 60 years of experience. We offer a comprehensive warranty of 12 years on windows and 5 years on doors.
Enviormental approach
At VELFAC, we recognise the need to limit our impact on the environment. Read more about our committment to reduce our carbon emissions both internally and through our value chain
We recommend the use of a VELFAC Approved Installer to ensure the installation of the product is performed to the highest standard.

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Residential projects

VELFAC is the UK's leading manufacturer of composite glazing, with our windows, doors and patio doors installed in residential developments across the country. Read more about VELFAC high performance glazing for residential projects.


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