*VELFAC Ribo* A reliable classic

A reliable classic

If you are looking for a window system with the same quality of VELFAC 200, but with a more conventional look, VELFAC Ribo is the solution for you. Composite construction, excellent performance and option to add glazing bars to suit any traditional British housing style. 



The ideal choice for PassivHaus developments

VELFAC Ribo is a simple, beautiful and traditional window system: its aesthetic and install details make it suitable for most of new-build houses types. But the real benefits of these windows are their excellent thermal efficiency that can massively contribute to your project’s Passivhaus standard performance on U-values.
*Versatile evergreen *

Versatile evergreen

Simple and functional, VELFAC Ribo window system combines performance, versatility and a clean aesthetic - the ideal solution for both new build and renovation projects.


Made to last

All VELFAC Ribo units are available in both double and triple glazing. The series combines energy-optimising properties with high security features, and can be specified with glazing bars to complement traditional style projects. VELFAC Ribo comes with 10 years product warranty on windows and 5 years warranty on doors. 


Meet regulation requirements

The VELFAC Ribo system is thoroughly tested to meet and exceed current requirements for energy efficiency and safety.  


Perfect combinations

The VELFAC Ribo series includes windows, patio and sliding doors as well as front doors, which are characterised by clean lines and functional design. Its ease of installation and versatility, makes this range the perfect combination for a variety of projects. 


Environmental approach

At VELFAC, we recognise the need to limit our impact on the environment, and this is reflected in the choice of materials, manufacturing processes and material suppliers.


Considering VELFAC Ribo?

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