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Professional help for your entire project

At VELFAC we are experts in glazing, and can provide tailored advice and consultancy at every specification stage – from initial design ideas through to post-installation support. Talk to us as soon as your project starts to take shape and use our product knowledge, and our industry expertise, to specify glazing which meets your budget needs, design vision, and performance targets.

Contact the VELFAC specification team

Send us an enquiry via our contact form or contact our team members directly. We look forward to hearing about your project and discussing the best options to suit your needs.


Your professional window partner

If you are looking for a strong partner with plenty of experience in the construction industry, look no further than VELFAC. We have more than 50 years of experience in window manufacture and can offer guidance on the design and installation of major glazed features and facades.

360 degree consultancy

We take pride in helping you find the right solution for your project. Our extensive experience within the construction industry allows us to approach each project with a solution-oriented mindset. Together, we make a plan, suggest ways to optimise the process and stay by your side throughout its implementation. We are driven by professionalism, proactivity and passion for our job whatever the complexity and size of the project.


We value aesthetic window solutions, where design meets function and performance in the best possible way. We can support you throughout any project, large or small.


We are honest. If we believe the solution you chose for your project may not be the right one, we will suggest an alternative. In the same way, if our solutions are not optimal for what you are trying to achieve, we will let you know.


We are happy to provide advice and share our knowledge on windows and doors with your clients if you need evidence or expert judgement to support your proposed window solution.







Working with VELFAC

When you choose VELFAC as your partner, you choose to work with a team of people who take pride in being proactive and hard working, and take responsibility even if unforeseen challenges arise during the project.

Optimising your entire design process

We understand the complexity of a project and all the challenges you may face. We can help you by breaking down each project stage and transforming every challenge into concrete solutions and new opportunities. This is what we mean by 360 degree professional advice – we can help every step of the way.

We have a proactive approach to project management

Our accurate cost consultancy can deliver great budget clarity, and we can also advise on the best glazing solution for your the proposed design and budget. By suggesting alternative strategies for glazing goals, our team can also maximise the value of the products being specified.



We help you work more efficiently

For example, we can work with you to maximise the design potential of the VELFAC system, and even oversee the entire design process. We can provide project-specific installation advice and can liaise directly with your team to ensure essential deadlines are met by scheduling multiple installation phases.



We are always available.

You can always count on us. Our team is always on hand to answer any question or request you have regarding our windows and doors. Our support continues after installation to ensure our products perform as expected over the longer term.




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The best team for your project


"At VELFAC, we believe it is important to put the right team together for a specific project. This applies not only to our specification and sales consultants, who handle the projects on the front line, but also to our experienced office colleagues, who are skilled, highly trained project managers, driven by their will to make a project succeed."


- Andy Cook, Director, Sales, Commercial.


Get inspiration for your next project

Our team of Experts

Our team is made up of experts and consultants with extensive experience and in-depth industry knowledge, always on hand to provide ideas and suggestions regarding the best window solution for your project.

Featured VELFAC profiles

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Neil Edwards
Specification consultant



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Daniel Barnes
Specification consultant



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Georginna Summers
National Sales Manager




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Kevan Woolf
Internal Sales Manager





"When you choose VELFAC you chose a team with high level of competence and professionalism. Together, we make a plan, optimise processes and provide ideas and solutions to ensure both you and your client are fully satisfied with the result."


-  Andy Cook, Director, Sales, Commercial, VELFAC


Contact the VELFAC specification team

Our specification team is here to help you. We can work with you to maximise the design potential of the VELFAC system, and can even oversee the entire design process – a ‘no risk’ route to a trouble-free installation.