*VELFAC In* Designed for multi-storey buildings and French balconies

Designed for multi-storey buildings and French balconies

Our inward-facing system with extra slim profiles can be used for example in corridors and French balconies - and harmonizes beautifully with the outward-facing product series.



Combines function, indoor climate and aesthetics

The VELFAC In series offers a number of both functional, aesthetic and indoor climate advantages. With its narrow frames, VELFAC IN allows more light into every rooms and offers good cleaning opportunities from the inside. Thanks to the specifically designed tilt function, our indoor opening windows and doors can provide effective ventilation to reduce the risk of a poor indoor climate.
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*Narrow frame. More light*

Narrow frame. More light

The frame profile of VELFAC IN optimises the daylight intake and at the same time deliver great façade look with its simple and minimalist style.


Made to last

All VELFAC IN units are available in triple glazing only. The series combines energy-optimising features with slim profiles to ensure great performance in terms of energy efficiency, heat retention and durability.


Perfect combinations

VELFAC IN is designed to be easily combined with our outward opening windows and doors.


As a result, you can use VELFAC IN windows or balcony doors for specific areas of the building ( e.g. corridors), and outward opening windows and doors for others, without compromising on the façade design, as both VELFAC systems beautifully blend together.


The picture shows VELFAC 200 windows and doors combined with VELFAC In balcony door

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