Professional consultancy and advice

Meet your budget and increase profit

Use our specialist technical and strategic advice to make sure every project maximises the value that VELFAC can deliver and increases your profit margins. At VELFAC we offer support from experienced professionals, free cost-consultancy, acoustic, energy and sustainability performance analyses and an In-house design team.

The support you need, when you need it

Please contact us as soon as your project starts and we will be happy to meet you face to face to discuss your project specification requirements.

Our areas of expertise

At VELFAC we are experts in glazing, and can provide tailored advice and consultancy at every specification stage – from initial design ideas through to post-installation support.

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Cost consultancy

Our team of experts can provide a full cost consultancy service, ensuring projects are delivered within budget while maximising your investments.

E.g. we can offer free cost-consultancy to meet your budget or alternative strategies to meet glazing design goals to maximise the value of the VELFAC products being specified.



Acoustic consultancy

Efficient glazing is fundamental to noice control. VELFAC glazings are designed to reduce the level of unwanted noise like for example, heavy traffic.

E.g. we can advice on how to use of thicker glass or different combinations of glass to improve acoustic performance.



Design consultancy

With VELFAC, you can specify glazing to support a distinctive building style, across a range of house types, or combine units to create innovative glazed features.

We can provide inspiration and ongoing design consultancy from initial vision right up to the point of sale, including design visuals such as high quality, highly detailed drawings, ready for the installer to use.



Building regulations advice

No matter your project, most construction work will require Building Regulations compliance — especially when you're building a new home from scratch.

Our team of experts will ensure the windows you specify will meet all requirements, and we can also provide the design inspiration and guidance you need to create beautiful proper­ties with real kerb appeal.



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"Many suppliers sell you windows but won’t do any more, but VELFAC offered the wrap around service we needed to create viable glazed screens. As the VELFAC team understood our goal, and understood technical issues such as screen settlement over time, they could make sure that the end result achieved regulatory compliance. Screen installation was then handled by a VELFAC Approved Installer, which means the window wall is also covered by an installation guarantee."


-  Simon Taylor, Managing Director of Autograph Homes


Contact our team

Our team is here to help you. Please contact us as soon as your project starts and we will be happy to meet you to discuss your project requirements.