Indoor climate and energy



Indoor climate and energy

Find the right balance with VELFAC

Achieving the optimal indoor climate is always an act of balance: you need the right amount of daylight without overheating and ensure the optimal level of insulation without compromising on ventilation. At VELFAC we offer specific solutions to help you achieve the correct indoor climate and create healthy and comfortable buildings.


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Daylight optimization
Energy efficiency

Your choice of windows can make the difference

VELFAC windows and doors are designed to deliver comfortable spaces in which to live or work, and our expert team can optimise window performance for every room by tailoring specification to reflect window position, room orientation and specific requirements. Selecting from over 10,000 glass types, we determine the ideal balance of window and glass to achieve the desired result, providing the holistic consultancy required to deliver an energy efficient and comfortable building.


The VELFAC composite glazing system is designed to meet – and exceed – current building regulations for energy performance, enhancing sustainability, off-setting other costs, and contributing to sustainability accreditations such as BREEAM.


We are experts in calculating the energy performance of our glazing system and can provide:


  • advice on the ideal combination of VELFAC units to maximise energy efficiency while also meeting budget parameters
  • advice on the positioning and installation of the units
  • evidence of VELFAC energy performance compared to alternative products
  • data for M&E consultants for cost analyses, and advice on how to lower costs by adjusting glazing specifications
  • total thermal transmittance calculations
  • advice on the ideal balance of window and glass to achieve a comfortable indoor environment

Let daylight in - without overheating

Daylight optimization

Recent studies have shown that on average, people spend 90% of their time indoors. As daylight has a positive influence on people’s health, productivity, ability to learn and overall well-being, the rooms in which we work and live must have the right amount of daylight.

With large windows an increasingly popular design choice, we can advise on ventilation strategies and solar gain control to ensure a comfortable indoor climate, especially in summer.







Reducing heat loss to reduce energy consuption

Energy optimization

Windows and doors play a decisive role in any building's energy consumption. The VELFAC composite glazing system is designed to meet – and exceed – current building regulations for energy performance, reducing the need of artificial lights and heating and supporting your low-energy construction targets.







Achieve effective ventilation with VELFAC windows

Ventilation and air quality

A key element of a good indoor climate is that each room in a building is sufficiently ventilated. Ventilation helps removing irritants such as pollen and dust, and can reduce problems such as condensation or mould caused by too much moisture in the atmosphere.


Windows and doors are crucial for effective background and purge ventilation, and they need to meet requirements dictated by Building Regulation Part F. VELFAC Windows offer multiple ways to control ventilation, achieve compliance and create the optimal indoor climate.



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The success of a project depends on the right mix of experience, dialogue and planning


"We believe that the recipe for a successful project consists in mixing together the right amount of experience, dialogue and planning. This of course also applies when it comes to optimising the indoor climate and meeting the energy requirements of a project. Our many years of experience in project management enable us to support our customers in every step of their journey and ensure progress and continuity, until such time when the project is completed."


- Kevan Woolf , Internal Sales Manager




Achieve optimal indoor climate and meet your energy targets

We provide a range of services designed to ensure impressive performance levels, backed by advice and guidance on technical issues and regulatory compliance.


More inspiration and knowledge

Fact sheet More daylight, less heat

Download our fact sheet and learn how to avoid overheating, regardless of fenestration.


"We wanted to make sure the building could stay comfortable without the need for mechanical cooling, even through the hottest summer. ‘This meant the placement of smaller windows on south facing facades, to manage solar gain, and the specification of multiple opening units across the building, including high level teleflex-operated lights."


- Corrie Rounding, Architect, Innes Associates


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Consultancy and advice for your project

Our team of experts can help you achieve your performance targets by providing tailored advice based on windows position, room orientation and specific requirements for your project