*VELFAC 200* The unique window system designed to let more light in

The unique window system designed to let more light in

VELFAC 200 is a beloved design classic in both the UK and the international market. The unique 54mm “floating frame” delivers excellent performance and maximise the amount of daylight into a building.



VELFAC 200 – a design classic



How it all started


In 1985 Danish structural engineer Carl Hammer developed the VELFAC 200 system - the first wood/aluminium window with a “true” aluminum sash instead of an aluminium cladding. Simplicity was the guiding principle for the development of our window system and its unique construction.



"The window system has remained unchanged in terms of design since we launched it. The technical construction has of course been optimized and improved several times, primarily for the sake of insulation. But the 54 mm sash, which lies beyond the frame, has not been altered. This allows the frame to 'hang freely' in the wall giving the impression of a floating frame."


- Carl Hammer, , former structural engineer and developer of VELFAC 200

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*Less is more*

Less is more

VELFAC bespoke windows feature a slim 54mm profile, ideal to let more light in. The quality of each frame component ensures a perfect, solid fit and enhances the durability of the whole window.


Snug fit

VELFAC windows frame can be built-in so the window is flush with the wall. This adds a stylish finishing touch , and makes the outside and the inside blend together, giving an uninterrupted view of the surroundings.


Meet regulation requirements

The VELFAC 200 system is thoroughly tested to meet and exceed current requirements for energy efficiency and safety. 


Design versatility

Frames can be divided by mullions or transoms to create the aesthetic and function you require. Sashes with different opening functions can be mounted within the same frame. VELFAC windows can also be created in many different shapes.

As a result, you can specify a window that suits the building style and architecture, or create a feature by combining different shapes and sizes.

The architect's favourite

The VELFAC 200 window system has left its mark on many significant buildings both in the UK and Europe. The system offers impressive design freedom while allowing extra daylight into any building. As a result, it has became one of architects’ preferred choice.


Considering VELFAC 200?

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