Acoustic control



Acoustic control

Achieve effective noise reduction

At VELFAC, we can help you achieve your project-specific acoustic requirements. Whole window test data (including sash, frame and glass) is available across our product range to enable the appropriate acoustic performance to be achieved in your construction project.


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Get it right from the start, consider noise reduction at the beginning of your project

A good indoor climate depends on a balance of factors. While it is common knowledge that daylight and ventilation are essential for human health and wellbeing, there is another crucial element to consider: minimising the noise pollution.


Noise has become a growing problem in many countries, and especially in urban environments. As a result, we are seeing increased demand for windows which deliver excellent acoustic protection, both when closed and open.

In the UK residential market an acoustician is generally appointed to each project to determine the level of acoustic performance required for the façade. At VELFAC we welcome the opportunity to work alongside your acoustician, contractor, and architectural team to find the most cost effective, compliant acoustic solution and to help integrate this into the planning phase of your project.


Acoustic control strategies and advice

The best way to achieve effective noise reduction is to consider all project requirements and possible challenges during the early design stages (pre-planning). We suggest early engagement with VELFAC Specification Consultants from the outset to ensure that the solutions put in place provide the performance expected.

Early stage planning allows us to review project information and ideas, and to advise on how to plan for the ideal acoustic control strategy.







Achieve acoustic control without compromising on façade design

Effective sound solutions from VELFAC

When specifying the glazing to achieve specific acoustic performance , we also need to consider the building's ventilation strategy. We usually see a mix of mechanically vented and natural ventilation strategies installed across our projects, and we can provide glazing solutions appropriate to each.


If natural ventilation is being used on a project, the VELFAC Acoustic Vent can also specified to provide both fresh air and noise control.


VELFAC offers a wide range of windows which are proven to deliver effective acoustic control across the entire unit, not just the glass, with test evidence readily available.


Case study: Dalston Lane, London - Surrounded by busy transport routes

Dalston Lane comprises 121 apartments over ten storeys. Excellent acoustic control was a priority, as the site is surrounded by transport routes, including a railway line.



Get a noise-reducing solution tailored to your project.


At VELFAC, we can help you achieve your project-specific acoustic requirements. Contact us as early as possible in your design process so we can provide test evidence and advise on the best solution for your project.


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We can provide test documentation on the noise reduction performance of our window solutions


"When we advise on a specific project, we take into account all the relevant factors such as sound pressure on the façade, room size, reverberation time and the total window area. All these elements are supported by test documentation, so you can be sure the products you specify match the requirements of your project."


- Neil Edwards, Specification Consultant, VELFAC


More information

VELFAC 200 Energy acoustic solutions

Visit our technical product database to learn more about acoustic performance and test results for our VELFAC 200 Energy system.



"We knew that VELFAC could meet our challenging performance and design criteria. Excellent acoustic control was a priority, as the site is surrounded by transport routes, including a railway line. We specified a mix of double and triple glazing across the build, and also installed both standard VELFAC vents (concealed within the slim frame) and acoustic trickle vents." "


- David Lomax, Senior Associate at Waugh Thistleton Architects


Get it right from the start. Talk to us about noise reduction

Contact a VELFAC expert early on in your design process, so we can help you achieve optimal noise reduction.