Consultancy and advice

Get knowledge and advice on your next project

At VELFAC we are experts in glazing, and can provide tailored advice and consultancy at every specification stage – from initial design ideas through to post-installation support.

Talk to us as soon as your project starts to take shape and use our product knowledge, and our industry expertise, to specify glazing which meets your budget needs, design vision, and performance targets.

Areas of expertise

Design and function

We value aesthetically pleasing solutions, where design meets function without compromising on performance. Our window system offers great design versatility supporting the creation of eye catching façades.

Environmental impact

As a company with a strong committment toward the enviorment, we are ideally placed to provide the advice and guidance you need to meet project-specific sustainability targets.

Indoor climate and energy

Our window experts can help you find the right balance between daylight, energy efficiency and ventilation, and provide advice on specific strategies to avoid overheating, for a comfortable indoor climate all year round.

Acoustic control

We have the expertise required to support building-specific noise mitigation strategies, including technical analyses, to ensure optimum acoustic control throughout your project.

360° advice & consultancy

At VELFAC, we strive to become your professional window partner. We guarantee a professional dialogue, proactivity in finding solutions to your needs and concrete support at every stage of your project.




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VELFAC CPD seminars
Improve and enhance your skills

VELFAC offers a wide range of Continuing Professional Development modules approved by RIBA, to help architects maintain and enhance their knowledge on windows and doors

Can we help with your next project?

Contact the VELFAC specification team

Our specification team is here to help you. We can work with you to maximise the design potential of the VELFAC system, and can even oversee the entire design process – a ‘no risk’ route to a trouble-free installation.