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A window is not like a brick wall, where the focus is simply on the ability to keep the cold out and the warmth in. Instead, high quality windows can actually contribute to improve the indoor climate and retain more heat into the home, reducing the energy need, making the homes you are building the best investment for potential home buyers.

High energy efficiency

Windows and doors play a decisive role in any building's energy consumption. The VELFAC composite glazing system is designed to meet – and exceed – current building regulations for energy performance, reducing the need of artificial lights and heating and supporting your low-energy construction targets.

Your choice of windows can make the difference

With U-values that can go down to 0.8W/m2K for triple glazing, VELFAC windows ensures excellent performance, together with maximum daylight.

Our team can help you specifying the ideal combination of window and glass to maximise air quality and thermal efficiency of your Housebuilding project.

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Besides the window's basic energy performance, there are 6 primary factors to consider in low energy buildings.

The primary factors to consider in low energy buildings

  • The windows’ orientation in relation to the sun
  • Sun screening and shading
  • The glass ratio
  • Installation methods and thermal bridges
  • The number of windows and total window area
  • Air tightness

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Achieve acoustic control

VELFAC windows and doors are designed to reduce the level of unwanted noise like for example, heavy traffic.

Minimising noise pollution with VELFAC

The noise level within most rooms of a family house should not exeed 30db. If for example loud traffic noise amounts to 65-70Db, the building must be able to reduce the noise level by 35-40Db.

A standard VELFAC double glazed unit achieves Rw32, which can be increased to Rw43 by adjusting the thickness of the glass and glazing rebate.

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Get to market faster

With a wealth of test data ready for review, VELFAC glazing ensures a speedy sign off from Building Control & Construction warranty Suppliers (NHBC, LABC, BLP, Premier) allowing you to get new homes on the market as fast as possible to maximise return on investment.

Windows tested to the extreme

VELFAC composite windows, doors and patio doors have already completed an impressive testing programme to ensure they meet – and exceed – all necessary regulations, including:

  • Part Q approval
  • Proven U-value calculations
  • Resistance to air, water, wind and extreme weather 
  • Containment performance







VELFAC, made to last

VELFAC aluminium/wood windows are virtually maintenance free, with an expected lifetime up to 60 years. All it takes to maintain our windows is regular cleaning and oiling once a year.

12 years warranty on windows

VELFAC offers a comprehensive warranty of 12 years on windows, which exceeds your house build warranty giving you more peace of mind. All doors are covered by warranty for 5 years.

In addition we offer a 6 Year Installation warranty when an approved installer is used. 


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VELFAC draws on more than 60 years of experience. We offer a comprehensive warranty of 12 years on windows and 5 years on doors.
Enviormental approach
At VELFAC, we recognise the need to limit our impact on the environment. Read more about our committment to reduce our carbon emissions both internally and through our value chain
We recommend the use of a VELFAC Approved Installer to ensure the installation of the product is performed to the highest standard.

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