Performance and durability

Excellent product performance is fundamental to the VELFAC philosophy, and vital to our reputation.

Windows are a critical component in any building. Energy and heating flows in and out of a room through its windows, but with intelligent design and use of sustainable and high quality materials, VELFAC windows can retain heat, provide ventilation and improve level of natural light for a better indoor environment, while ensuring a lifespan of 40 years+

Sustainable construction

New buildings are usually constructed with carbon-intensive materials produced at industrial scale. Construction sites use fuel-guzzling heavy machinery and far too many buildings waste energy.

1. The first approach to a more sustainable construction industry is to reduce or eliminate the use of carbon-intensive materials in construction.

2. The second is to use high quality building materials, to ensure a long lifespan and reduce the amount of CO2 generated when manufacturing replacement products.

3. Last, but not least, the third is to specify products with low energy performance, that can retain light and heat inside a building and therefore reduce the amount of energy needed.


Durability – long lifespan

VELFAC products are designed and manufactured to exceptional levels of quality, resulting in low maintenance operation and long lifespan. The durability of VELFAC windows - which are built to last - has been assessed by leading construction industry bodies and gives our customers real value for money. The expected lifetime of VELFAC windows and doors is in fact 40+ years, which can be higher or lower depending on a number of different factors.  As a manufacturer, we do everything to ensure that the design of our products meets the highest requirements for robustness, durability and construction quality, but there are other factors that are outside our control which can impact on their lifespan. These include:


  • Installation
  • Usage
  • Frequency of maintenance
  • Geographical location of the building
  • Indoor or outdoor environment conditions


To learn more about VELFAC windows and doors performance and durability, visit our technical product database or contact us for more information.


Testing programme - of products, processes and components

As a model company , it is important for us to ensure consistency in our products and processes. We focus on quality throughout the entire life cycle of every units: from the choice of components, through manufacturing processes to the final finished product. 


VELFAC products are thoroughly tested and quality assured in relation to:


  • Wind and water penetration
  • Fire
  • Noise reduction
  • Strength and durability
  • Stability
  • Burglary protection
  • Energy properties


In terms of performance, our windows and doors meet and exceed industry and legal requirements as well as all European and UK standards. If you would like to review test results for the different opening functions, read our declarations of performance (DoP documents).


Built to withstand extreme conditions

VELFAC windows and patio doors successfully passed a number of demanding physical tests designed to ensure that products are well designed and robust, and can guarantee the specific levels of structural performance.

VELFAC products are tested and certified according to the internationally recognized product certification Q-Mark.  VELFAC products are tested and third-party verified providing a range of third-party data on water tightness, wind resistance, safety and Secured by Design accreditation. 

Robustness and long lifespan are also ensured by correct installation and maintenance schedule. For information on correct maintenance and its frequency, see our User Guide  (link to user guide)


See more about the VELFAC test program here


VELFAC ironmongery: safety, strength and durability.

We are one of the few window companies which develops their own ironmongery, and they are carefully designed and manufactured to suit our windows and doors and provide the best performance and durability.

All our fittings are designed to withstand the harsh Scandinavian weather and thoroughly tested to make sure they withstand a minimum of 500 hours of salt spray test. They undergo the Cyclic Corrosion Test (CCT), which simulates the effects of nature by varying temperatures and alternate dry and moist environments; Even after 480 hours of testing, our ironmongery doesn’t show any traces of rust.

Read more on our technical database


Maintenance – proper maintenance ensures a long life

VELFAC windows have a lifespan of minimum 40 years if they are properly installed and maintained. Our windows and doors feature an external frame made of powder-coated aluminium, which won’t need repainting for the lifetime of the unit and will resist even the harshest weather conditions.


The internal wood frame on the other side, with its highly insulating properties, can reduce heating bills while also helping maintain a better indoor climate.


In terms of maintenance, both external aluminium and internal pine frames only need regular cleaning with a solution of lukewarm water and mild detergent applied using a soft cloth or sponge, while moving parts only need to be cleaned and lubricated once a year.


For information on correct maintenance and its frequency, see the VELFAC user guide 



Meet your sustability targets with VELFAC windows and doors

We can provide the advice and guidance required to meet project-specific sustainability targets.

EPD documents

Download VELFAC EPD's

We offer EPDs that reflect our overall window systems, based on a top-guided window with reference dimensions of 1230x1480mm.



"‘VELFAC has become our ‘go to’ brand when specifying composite glazing. The system offers a good cost to quality ratio, and the frame design results in low embodied carbon, primarily due to the percentage of recycled aluminium used. This was important for our client sustainability targets, and for dRMM as we champion climate-conscious architecture and the use of natural wood, which again is a feature of the VELFAC frame.’


- Findlay McFarlane, Architect at dRMM.


VELFAC supports your sustainability targets

Use VELFAC EPDs and our technical knowledge to calculate the carbon footprint of your project.