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Many buildings in the UK are exposed to high levels of outdoor noise from sources such as road traffic, aircraft, trains or barking dogs . Acoustic noise can be anything, from quiet but persistent to loud and harmful.UK guidelines state that the noise level within a living area in a home should not exceed 35dB.

Sound reduction strategies can be achieved with an adequate space planning - taking into account the source of the sound and the use of different areas within a building - and allows the specifiers to select windows and doors that will achieve the right level of acoustic insulation. VELFAC offers a range of acoustic solutions and can provide test documentation on the reduction of levels of unwanted noise.

Effective sound solutions from VELFAC

Windows with sound reducing glass

The sound-reducing effect of a window depends on its construction and the size, sash, frame and joint sealing. Therefore, it is important that any acoustic test is conducted of the entire window element and not only the glass. Windows need to be sealed both the inside and outside and the gap between the frame and the wall must be filled with approximately 3 times as much insulating material as in standard installations.


VELFAC has a large selection of sound solution and can provide test results for complete elements (frame/sash/glass). 

Glass thickness and type

As the simplest form of sound reduction, we recommend the use thicker glass or a combination of different glass types; A standard VELFAC triple-glazed unit achieves Rw33, which can be increased to Rw43 by using different types of glass and increasing the depth of the spacing profile. It’s also important to specify sound-reducing glass specific to noise type – traffic, trains or industry for example in order to optimise the performance of the unit.


Acoustic Trickle vents

The VELFAC acoustic trickle vent ensures both fresh air and noise reduction when combined with VELFAC SOUND windows.

The acoustic vent is installed into a timber packer, which is fitted and sealed on site and can achieve a sound reduction value of Dn,e,w (C; Ctr) = 40 (-1; -2) dB, and an equivalent free opening of 2868mm².


Get a noise-reducing solution tailored to your project.


At VELFAC, we can help you achieve your project-specific acoustic requirements. Contact us as early as possible in your design process so we can provide test evidence and advise on the best solution for your project.


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We can provide test documentation on the noise reduction performance of our window solutions


"When we advise on a specific project, we take into account all the relevant factors such as sound pressure on the façade, room size, reverberation time and the total window area. All these elements are supported by test documentation, so you can be sure the products you specify match the requirements of your project."


- Neil Edwards, Specification Consultant, VELFAC


More information

VELFAC 200 Energy acoustic solutions

Visit our technical product database to learn more about acoustic performance and test results for our VELFAC 200 Energy system.



"We knew that VELFAC could meet our challenging performance and design criteria. Excellent acoustic control was a priority, as the site is surrounded by transport routes, including a railway line. We specified a mix of double and triple glazing across the build, and also installed both standard VELFAC vents (concealed within the slim frame) and acoustic trickle vents." "


- David Lomax, Senior Associate at Waugh Thistleton Architects


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