Acoustic consultancy

VELFAC composite glazing offers impressive acoustic control, up to Rw43, without compromising the distinctive, slim frame design or uniform sightlines.

Our windows are also enhanced by expert acoustic consultancy designed to save time and money, and help avoid architectural compromise once a project is underway. Our services include:

  • analysis of both decibel levels and frequencies to ensure a precise and cost-effective sound reduction strategy for every project façade, achieved using our acoustic calculation tool
  • confirmation that proposed glazing meets both acoustic reduction targets and external benchmarks, such as WHO internal sound standards, eliminating the risk of inaccurate specification
  • project-wide acoustic impact analysis, including the impact of acoustic glass on thermal insulation, solar performance and budget, to ensure optimum value for money
  • comprehensive advice on both window options and ventilation strategies, such as the VELFAC acoustic trickle vent, resulting in certified product solutions and specific glazing placement

VELFAC units are third party tested to ensure accurate acoustic performance data across the unit, not just the glass. This means specific levels of acoustic control, precisely tailored to meet project needs and location – whether near transport routes, on inner-city sites, or to meet high-density specifications for both residential and commercial projects.

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