We can advise on the ideal strategy to avoid overheating, regardless of fenestration.

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Daylight is essential to life – not just to architecture – and plays a fundamental role in our health and wellbeing.

Architectural tools to help optimise thermal indoor climate


Avoid draughts and excessive temperature fluctuations

  • Triple glazing can improve thermal comfort by reducing cold spots and eliminating cold downdraughts.

Avoid excessively high temperatures during the summer

  • External shading is the most effective way to reduce the impact of direct sunlight
  • Install tinted glass in large windows in south or southwest facing facades

Using glass to control solar gain
The impact of daylight and solar gain can be mitigated by strategic window specification. The number, size and distribution of windows across a building can also be used to control the impact of daylight - to increase light levels for example, or to reduce unwanted heat.

What next?

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