A good indoor climate depends on a balance of factors, and while daylight and ventilation are both essential, minimising noise pollution is also important for our health and wellbeing.

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Noise has become a growing problem in many countries, and especially in urban environments. In the UK residential market an acoustician is generally appointed on a project by project basis, and we can work with both acousticians and contractors to achieve the most cost effective and compliant solution.

As a result, we are seeing increasing demand for windows which deliver excellent acoustic protection, both when closed and open. The use of sound-reducing glass is one way to reduce noise without compromising ventilation - this is vital, as extraneous noise pollution can make building users reluctant to open windows and let fresh air into the room, resulting in a poorer indoor climate.

The specification of sound-reducing glass can have an important impact on the quality of the acoustic indoor climate, which can be further improved by actively reducing internal noise levels. VELFAC offers a wide range of windows proven to deliver effective acoustic control across the entire unit, not just the glass, with test evidence readily available.

If your project demands an acoustic control strategy then involve VELFAC experts from the outset. This will ensure that the solutions put in place provide the performance expected without compromising architectural design, or indoor climate.

Architectural tools to help optimise acoustic indoor climate

Use sound-reducing glass to minimise ambient noise

  • Vary glass thickness to reduce ambient noise
  • Specify sound-reducing glass relevant to noise type – traffic, trains or industry for example

Specify solutions appropriate to both closed and opening windows

  • Use tailored sound-reduction solutions to improve noise reduction performance

What next?

VELFAC windows actively support acoustic indoor climate – here are just a few examples:

Ask our technical team for advice on the ideal acoustic solution for your project:

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