Energy efficient performance from VELFAC

VELFAC glazing is designed to deliver comfortable spaces in which to live or work, and our expert team can optimise window performance for every room by tailoring specification to reflect window position, room orientation and containment. Selecting from over 10,000 glass types, we determine the ideal balance of window and glass to achieve the desired result, providing the holistic consultancy required to deliver an energy efficient and comfortable build.

The VELFAC composite glazing system is designed to meet – and exceed – current building regulations for energy performance, enhancing sustainability, off-setting other costs, and contributing to sustainability accreditations such as BREEAM. We are experts in calculating the energy performance of our glazing system and can provide:

  • advice on the ideal combination of VELFAC units to maximise energy efficiency while also meeting budget parameters
  • advice on positioning and installation of double or triple glazed units
  • evidence of VELFAC energy performance compared to alternative products
  • data for M&E consultants for cost analyses, and advice on how to lower costs by adjusting glazing specifications
  • total thermal transmittance calculations
  • advice on the ideal balance of window and glass to achieve a comfortable indoor environment

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