Features and accessories

Details that make the difference

Distinctive and contemporary, VELFAC glazing offers great design versatility. Every unit is made to measure and can incorporate a number of different features and accessories. We also offer ongoing design consultancy from initial vision right up to the point of sale and can even oversee the entire design process – a ‘no risk’ route to a trouble-free installation.

The right glass for your project

Today, improvements in glass processing technology have made it possible to render specific and effective solutions for a wide range of architectural projects. Glass is a complex substance with almost limitless variations, therefore is no such thing as the perfect pane of glass – instead, glass properties must be carefully balanced so they meet the needs of a specific window and its location.

Glazing options

There are many choices and many things to consider when choosing windows and doors for a building project. Whether your windows must meet special ventilation or sound requirements, must function as escape window or be equipped with safety glass, we have the solution for you.

Open and close

VELFAC windows can be manufactured with different opening functions including fixed, side hung, top guided or fully reversible. See some examples of different opening functions below and visit our product database for more details.

Selected opening functions

Side hung window
Side guided window
Reversible window
Top guided window

Beautifully designed handles

VELFAC window and doors can be easily recognised by one of their most distinctive feature; their handles. Beautiful, simple and functional. Find out more about our handle options.

VELFAC handles

VELFAC offers a range of espagnolette handles that includes standard handles, lockable handles and safety lock handles.


VELFAC handles are made of a thermal material which is warm to the touch and feature brushed / satin surface finish.


Fire protection

VELFAC fire windows are fixed units in wood/aluminum that can be combined with the VELFAC fire doors.

Fire windows and doors

VELFAC Fire elements meet the fire resistance rating EI30 / EW30 for external exposure and EI60 / EW60 for internal exposure.


Find a multitude of options and accessories

Explore our product database and find a multitude of options and accessories to achieve the required performance for your windows and doors.

Visit our product database

See product details, explore opening functions and download drawings, instruction and other documents for the VELFAC window system.




Early meetings pay real dividends over the longer term, as they allow all design requirements to be considered and incorporated


"As the main route of both light and air, a window is one of the most important architectural components in a building so when specifying windows and doors, the demands for architects and developers are usually very high. Pre-planning meetings with architects are crucial, as they allow project requirements to be discussed in the context of reaching a compliant solution that also meets architectural intent. These early meetings pay real dividends over the longer term, as they allow all design requirements to be considered and incorporated and, if necessary, fenestration can be adjusted to meet the needs of all parties."


- Neil Edwards, Specification Consultant, VELFAC




Achieve aesthetically pleasing façade, where design meets function

The VELFAC window system offers the design versatility you need to create eye catching façade with great architectural impact. Exploit the system’s uniform sightlines to create seamless glazed features and specify different frame finishes – inside and out


Find inspiration and specification details

Architect catalogue

The VELFAC Architects' catalogue gives a full description of our products together with technical details making it an excellent working tool for all specifiers.


Note: The catalogue was last updated in February 2020. To see the latest product information click the link below.


Specification details

VELFAC products and technical details are available in NBS source – the new platform that combines the NBS BIM Library, NBS Plus and Product Selector. Visit NBS source to find, select and specify VELFAC windows and doors for your project, quickly and efficiently.


"It’s a quality product and comes with guarantees and test certification already in place. The VELFAC team also provides detailed interface drawings which are a real advantage for us, and not something supplied by every manufacturer."


- Matthew Mayes, BDP architect


Façade solutions without compromise
Consultancy and advise for your project

VELFAC helps you understand your options, so you will have optimal conditions to fulfill the requirements of your project - without unnecessary compromises.