Customise your windows and doors

Use colours and panels to create unique facade effects

The very best materials, expert design and attention to details make beautiful and durable bespoke windows and doors. All our units are made to measures, so you can customise your windows and doors and specify exactly what your project needs.

Colours and finishes

With VELFAC, you have the freedom to use a wide range of colours to create striking visual façade effects


External aluminium frames can be finished in any RAL colour with granite, metallic and anodised frames finish also available as special options. The internal wood frame is also available in a wide range of colours, to contrast or match the interior.

Mix and match hundreds of frame colours and surface finishes.

Here are some examples of different colours and finishes. For advice or further information, please contact our specification team.








Panels are a decorative solution for concealing floor slabs and other internal structures or areas behind the facade. Some panels also offer specific properties, like increased ventilation, reduced solar gain or privacy, and are available in different materials.


VELFAC offers a large selection of panels can can be used in conjunction with our windows to create striking façade effects.


Use panels to add special impact to any façade

Below are some examples of our panels options. For advice or further information, please contact our specification team.

To learn more about VELFAC panels and their properties: Go to the VELFAC product database




Achieve aesthetically pleasing façade, where design meets function

The VELFAC window system offers the design versatility you need to create eye catching façade with great architectural impact. Exploit the system’s uniform sightlines to create seamless glazed features and specify different frame finishes – inside and out


Find inspiration and specification details

Architect catalogue

The VELFAC Architects' catalogue gives a full description of our products together with technical details making it an excellent working tool for all specifiers.


Note: The catalogue was last updated in February 2020. To see the latest product information click the link below.


Specification details

VELFAC products and technical details are available in NBS source – the new platform that combines the NBS BIM Library, NBS Plus and Product Selector. Visit NBS source to find, select and specify VELFAC windows and doors for your project, quickly and efficiently.


"It’s a quality product and comes with guarantees and test certification already in place. The VELFAC team also provides detailed interface drawings which are a real advantage for us, and not something supplied by every manufacturer."


- Matthew Mayes, BDP architect


Façade solutions without compromise
Consultancy and advise for your project

VELFAC helps you understand your options, so you will have optimal conditions to fulfill the requirements of your project - without unnecessary compromises.