VELFAC glazings are designed to reduce the level of unwanted noise like for example, heavy traffic.

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The noise level within most rooms of a family house should not exeed 30db. If for example loud traffic noise amounts to 65-70Db, the building must be able to reduce the noise level by 35-40Db.

A standard VELFAC double glazed unit achieves Rw32, which can be increased to Rw43 by adjusting the thickness of the glass and glazing rebate.

Double glazing is effective at reducing external noise, but the use of thicker glass or different combinations of glass can significantly improve performance.

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Acoustic trickle vent
The VELFAC acoustic vent is designed to provide both fresh air and noise control in buildings when combined with VELFAC SOUND windows. The vent achieves a sound reduction value of Dn,e,w 40 dB.

The acoustic vent is machined into a frame extension, which will be installed and sealed on site. The external aluminium profile is polyesterpowder coated in the RAL colour to match the sashes.

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