VELFAC recommend the use of a VELFAC Approved Installer to ensure the installation of the product is performed to the highest standard.

Our Approved Installers form a vital part of our supply chain and as result, a strict selection criteria is applied in order to obtain the best services available.

All Approved Installers are put through the VELFAC Installation training program, which ensures that VELFAC can offer a 6 year warranty when installation is carried out by approved personnel.

To see the full list of our Approved Installers, please choose one of the options below: 

A package of services can be agreed with your Approved Installer to suit the requirements and complexity of your window scheme.  These include:

  • Supervision of offloading of deliveries
  • Checking and reporting of transport damage & quantity discrepancies
  • Distribution of materials both horizontally and vertically
  • Supply of materials for successful installation, including standard fixings, window lugs, perimeter seals etc.
  • Supply and Install of specialist Engineered Brackets
  • Supply and Install of Membranes such as EPDM and Vapour Barriers
  • Advice on Health and Safety and the issuing of any relevant paperwork to ensure current legislation is met and adhered to
  • Correct installation of the products in accordance with VELFAC Construction Issue Drawings
  • Sequential handover following installation
  • Cleaning up of waste and debris